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Yogile: The Most Flexible and Reliable Photo Sharing Website

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Yogile is a Photo Sharing website, which is really different, easy and flexible from other photo sharing sites. There are thousands of photo sharing websites like Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, Image Shack, and many more in the market which are having their own cons and pros.

Photo Sharing Websites are those that which provides user the platform to transfer(single or group of people) or share(publicly or privately) the digital photos online. These are the basic requirements of any photo sharing site, but its really difficult to find the photos without sharing.

Why Yogile?

Every photo sharing site mentioned above are having their own flaws like complexity, unwilling security for user albums, Loading time, and other problems. This is where you will find Yogile the best alternative for all the existing photo sharing sites. Yogile is the Most Flexible and Reliable Photo Sharing Website that is capable in creating the stripped down, ultimately simple methods for group photos and albums online in digital format.


The Main Theme of Yogile

Yogile’s approach is little different from other Photo Sharing Sites, because it lets multiple people to contribute with ease. You can share the album with anyone once you create it(you get a customizable URL & email address for sharing). You can also give permission for the people whom you shared your photos, so that they can upload, access, manage the photos.

Yogile offers a brand new way of photo sharing. Just consider an event like product launch, the developers, press, and other people will take pictures during the launch from CEO. Finally after the launch, if they want to cover all the snaps at one place, never mind to say Yogile is the best place for them.
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This makes us the clear sense that Yogile is really a simple place to share photos privately or in groups and it lets us to upload the photos of events like birthday, parties, wedding and share them, such that everybody(attendees of the event) can easily upload their own photos and add them to the album that which you created. So that you can find each and every snap taken by you and other people who attended that event.


What You Can Do With Yogile

You can create albums easily, once you create it you will get a customizable URL and email address to share it with others who wants to add photos either as email attachment or uploading through Yogile or by mobile.

  • Once you create a album, nobody has to signup with a username or password.
  • They can simply send the pictures via email or SMS to the email address name-of-album@yogile.com or you can also directly upload them directly at website of the  album(yogile.com/name-of-album).

Features of  Yogile

  1. Yogile is User friendly and its loading time is really fast.
  2. Its loaded with each and every basic need that a Photos Sharing site must have.
  3. Only few steps need to be taken for creating and contributing the album.
  4. This is the only service that is useful to everyone who wants to gather all photos of a single event at single place i.e. Yogile.
  5. Its flexibile and I have started using it.
  6. We are trying this for SEO results(image SEO). It may take a while to get how it works.
  7. And with many more features coming in let wish Yogile a very good luck.

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Conclusion : Simple. Just go for it, its such a flexible and user friendly tool. You are going to love it.

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27 Comments to Yogile: The Most Flexible and Reliable Photo Sharing Website

    • @Shekhar Cool, just play with it. Even i played with it yesterday. Loved it 🙂 its simple, cool and flexible.

  1. There are plenty of web sharing website where you can share your pic free , and more better service from this.so i don’t feel like Yogile is the best hosting site. tweetppiccn be one of them ,which i feel is far better.

    • @Data Just try it out. Its really flexible, simple and its having everything and lot more coming. So stay tuned

    • @Shabnam sure you are going to love this. its really a cool and confortable site. Do let me know if you find ny interesting points, other than mentioned above.

    • @Windows 7 tricks(khan) You have to register here unless you are creating new album. If someone have created already, there is no need to create. I Think this is really easy. Thnx for your comment. Welcome to GadgetCage.

  2. if you want to try something different from the services mentioned on this article, have a look at http://pixi.me/whyus.php – we use Gallery, the open source web based photo album organizer. Have a secondary backup location for all your photos or just have more control/privacy with them using the Gallery. If you have web hosting somewhere, take a peek at your control panel – you’ll mostly likely see a 1-click installer for it.

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