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8 Best WordPress PhotoGallery Plugins for your Blog

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In this article we are going to deal with 8 Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins that will create a platform to enhance you Blog’s image viewing. Images have become an important part of blogs and are making readers to enjoy going through the Photo galleries of bloggers. So, Let us check 8 WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins for your blog.


8 Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins

Here are my favorite WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins which will give a new dimension to your blog.

#1. NextGENGallery : NextGEN Gallery happens to be quite a popular plugin among bloggers as it helps in creating photogalleries in any blog.One of the feature of this plugin is that it uses Flash Slideshow option. This is one of the best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins that works really well.

#2. Flickr Photo Album : This is one of a cool Photo gallery plugin as it allows you to pull in your Flickr photos and display them as albums on your WordPress blog. This plugin adds Flickr icon to your WordPress edit screen and you easily add your Flickr photos by just few clicks.

#3. Fotobook : With this plugin you can import all your Facebook images in your blog. It has the ability to pull images from mutiple Facebook accounts. The plugin uses Facebook API to import photos. Its one of the most popular WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins which is being used by many Web Masters on their blogs.

#4. PhotoSmash Galleries : With PhotoSmash Galleries your users can upload images to your blog.The plugin is flexible to design custom gallery and form layouts where you can utilize your own custom database fields, html, and css or use as it is there.

#5. Flash Photo Gallery : Flash Photo Gallery creates images like the one in Adobe Photoshop CS2.The plugin supports WordPress and WordPress MU and it can add multiple Flash Photo Galleries by adding simple code.

#6. Yet Another Photoblog : Yet Another Photoblog converts your into a full featured photoblog in very less time.Almost all the WordPress theme can be converted into a photoblog.You can decide whether you want to post a text based article to your blog or a photoblog entry.

#7. Picasa Photos : Picasa Photos Plugin displays photos from your Picasa album in a random manner. This does the same thing as Fotobook, but is used to display photos in your Picasa account. According to me, its one of the best wordpress photogallery plugins that really worth having in your blog’s DB.

#8. DM Albums : DM Albums Plugin is an inline photo album/gallery plugin which displays images and thumbnails of high quality to your blog.

Do you use any WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins in your blog? Share your views!


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  1. Thanks Shabnam for the list for these WordPress plugins. I wish you had previews of those plugins included in the article so I can compare them right away :).

    • Siddartha

      @Andrew hey mate, we have provided the direct link to the Official Plugin page. Do Check it out!

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