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WordPress or Typepad: A Comprehensive Comparison

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wordpress or typepad
This post offers you a comprehensive comparison between Typepad and WordPress, well we are not forcing you to choose one among WordPress or Typepad. But practically, comparing any product with another is not a wise thing as each and every product gets updates every now and then; so any comparison done is only valid for a particular time frame (usually as short as 3-6months).

One of the main advantages of having your own domain for your blog is that you can export all of your web contents from Typepad to WordPress or vice-versa. It helps even if you continue to stay on only one platform, as you may want to make a move in near future. The blogging experience on WordPress without having a self-hosted domain doesn’t show any impact. Experts always suggest us to try out the Self-Hosted WordPress blog. There are many top WordPress Hosting services available currently and you can choose the best hosting available basing on their performance.

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WordPress vs Typepad

WordPress vs Typepad

#1. Flexibility: Typepad naturally limits the ability to modify and adapt to changes. This will be one of the main reasons, which will definitely compel you to use WordPress as your Blogging platform.

#2. Functionality: There are hundreds of plugin developers, who make plugins for WordPress. Plugin is nothing but piece of program, which enables you to implement additional functionalities on your blog, be it displaying pictures in a cool jQuery blog, or displaying number of Facebook fans or your latest tweets! It is required to choose the plugins by crosschecking with some of the forums as some of them may pose security threats, and WordPress community is simply amazing, while you may not get too much support in case of Typepad.

#3. Own Your Content: The procedure of blogging at WordPress is very much different from Typepad. With WordPress.org, you can opt for your own hosting without taking any risk, but for selecting Typepad as your blogging platform you are required to host your blog on their servers, which may have indirect implications like lower search engine rankings.

#4. Unrestricted: WordPress is the one and only blogging platform, where few cool kids hang out. It is just like an Apple, it is the choice of their devotees who always want to be updated and secured.

#5. Security: One of the big disadvantages of using Typepad is you cannot get a back up of all of your content. To be much realistic, WordPress has an option to take a back-up of all of your contents.  

Like Typepad, it is a user-friendly blogging platform, but insignificant from the position that your content is uncovered of titles, videos, photos, and much more.

Why TypePad?

TypePad was launched during October 2003, and it is a premier blogging service that allows you to create a blog in a matter of just minutes, with reliable hosting, stunning designs, and professional tech support (only for paid users of course), so you don’t really need to do anything on your own, such as purchasing a web hosting package, or getting website themes designed, and setting it up yourself.


Finally, having seen the pros and cons of each of these blogging platforms, choosing one is totally a personal decision. I assume that the above mentioned information might give you an idea about choosing the best blogging platform according to your specific needs.

Siddartha is a Blogger from India. He is currently working as a Java Front End developer and he loves writing about tutorials, technology, algorithm, etc. You can follow him on Twitter | Facebook | Google+. You can subscribe to GadgetCage RSS Feed or Email Notifications.

8 Comments to WordPress or Typepad: A Comprehensive Comparison

  1. I have tried Joomla, Typepad, Blogger and WordPress is still my favorite. I think WordPress is the easiest to use. I did like Joomla because it seemed to load pages faster, but besides that, Joomla was lacking something. I have to agree though. I think the final decision is based on personal preference.

  2. Me personally i like WordPress CMS, esp with Akismet support which i really like and support. I have tried joomla and typepad before and i didn’t really like it. Now i host my WordPress site myself because you don’t have to spend over $100 to get a site you really like going.

  3. Ballard Home Services

    I really wana thank you for providing such informative and qualitative material so often.

  4. Informative post, I have a blog with blogger. I haven’t done much with it because I haven’t been happy with blogger. I have been thinking of changing to WordPress or Type Pad and this post has helped. The only question I have is can I move all my post that I have done on my blog to WordPress?

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