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Windows Shortcut Keys-II

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In the last Post i.e.Windows Shortcut keys -I we have seen the Creation of files or folders without the usage of Mouse.Now we are going to see More Shortcut keys for good skills and efficiency.Lets Know them.

Windows Shortcut Keys-II:-

–>>Ctrl+A—–To Select the Content Completely.
–>>Ctrl+C—–To Copy the Selected Content.
–>>Ctrl+X—–To ct the Selected Content.
–>>Ctrl+V—–To Paste the Copied Content.
–>>Ctrl+Z—–To Undo or Cancel the Current application.
–>>Delete—–To Delete the current application.
–>>Shift+Delete—–To delete the selected item permanently without placing the item in recyclebin.
–>>Ctrl—–While Dragging an Item Copy the Selected item.
–>>Ctrl+Shift—–While dragging the Item Create Shortcut to that Selected Item.
–>>F2—–To Rename a file or Folder etc…
–>>Ctrl+Right Arrow—–Move the insertion point to the begining of the next word.
–>>Ctrl+Left Arrow—–Move the insertion point to the begining of the previous word.
–>>Ctrl+Down Arrow—–Move the insertion point to the begining of the next Paragraph.
–>>Ctrl+Up Arrow—–Move the insertion pointto the begining of the previous paragraph.
–>>Ctrl+Shift+Any of Arrow Keys—–Highlight the block of that text.
–>>Shift+Any of Arrow Keys—–Select more than one item in the windows or on the desktop or selected text in that Document.
–>>F3—–Search for a File or Folder.
–>>Alt+Enter—–View properties of selected item.
–>>Alt+F4—–Close the active Item or Quit the Active prgram.
–>>Alt+Space Bar—–Opens the Shortcut menu for the active windows.
–>>Ctrl+F4—–Close the active Document in the programs that allows you to have multiple documents open Simultaneousy.
–>>Alt+Tab—–Switch between Open items.
–>>Alt+Esc—–Cycle through items in the order they were opened.
–>>F6—–Cycle through the screen elements in the window or on the desktop.
–>>F4—-Display the address bar list in Mycomputer or Windows Explorer.
–>>Shift+F10—–Display the shortcut menu for the selected item.
–>>Ctrl+Esc—–Display the Start menu.
–>>F10—–Activate the menu bar in the active program.
–>>Right arrow—–Open next menu to Right or open a sub-menu.
–>>Left Arrow—–Open next menu to Left or close a sub-menu.
–>>F5—–Refresh the active window.
–>>BackSpace—–View the folder one level up in Mycomputer or Windows Explorer.
–>>Esc—–Cancel the Current Task.
–>>Shift—–When you insert CD into CD-Rom Drive prevents the CD from automatic Playing.
These are the Some of the Short Cut keys . Lets Check Other Shortcut keys in next post Windows Shortcut keys-III.

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