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Windows Live Writer – Best Blog Publishing Tool

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At times, blogging could be real hard task to perform, but with right tools and right planning and approach, I bet you, success will bend down to your feet’s one day. Bloggers should be a talented writers and off course they need a hard core tool which provides them the bug free environment to represent their creative writing. Half of our task is done if have a right blog publishing tool in hand. And thanks to Microsoft for providing Windows Live Writer which I bet is the best blogging tool in the blogosphere. With Windows Live Writer one do not have to fill their PCs with another dozens of software`s to carry out the blogging tasks. Here’s why?


  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Feature

Bloggers who are afraid of coding and other headaches related to it, must inculcate this tool in their daily blogging routine. You just have to take care of writing blog article and the rest (formatting, spacing and image placement), Windows Live Writer will take care. It also supports HTML mode to if one wants tweak their blog posts accordingly. To get the exact feel of how the post will look in your blog, one can use it`s Blog Theme update feature. And guess what, no need to go online to preview the look and feel of the image.

  • Loads Of Features To Use

Bloggers can easily kick out other third-party tools if they are a having Windows Live Writer in their arsenal. No need to use some other watermark tools for images, no need to keep toiling the web for some plugin to rightly place the videos or images in the blog post. No need to edit images using different tools, no need to use different plugin to customize images or to create albums, as this tools works flawlessly.

  • Can Handle Multiple Blogs


No matter which blogging platform(WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad) you are using, no matter how much blogging accounts you have, it can take care of all and you are just a click away if you want to switch between them.

  • SEO Right Through WLW

Organic SEO
No need to add different scripts to your blog to make it SEO friendly. Bloggers can easily optimize their images using alt tags, one can set behavior(follow, no follow) of the links used in the posts. One can also add tags to the posts using this plugin, and there are different plugins available to make your posts SEO friendly right through the WLW. Search herefor some more SEO related plugins. If I keep on elaborating this thread, then I`m sure I can come out with a great post. Do some research and you will find that Windows Live Writer is only tool required to optimize your articles with the addition of some plugins.

  • Plugins Support


There are over 150+ plugins which can fulfill your every wish and features that are left out in Windows Live Writer. And with the help of plugin you can handle all the blog related chores right through the Windows Live Writer. Support of all those handy plugins can awake the professional writer within you. Grab them from here.

  • Last But Not The Least


With Windows Live Writer one can easily schedule their posts, every post written using WLW is saved in My Weblog Posts in My Documents which can act as a backup resource, one can also draft posts their blogs or posts directly to their blog, categorize your posts if you blog on various topics using Windows Live Writer, Automatic Linking is also a handy feature which can save your lot of time, users can also ping their posts to different servers which are added in the list and much more if you are willing to dig deep into the Windows Live Writer.

You might be aware of all those features if you are using this tool, if not, then I would recommend that you should download this tool without wasting another second. And you will glad to know that this tool is free of cost and can be downloaded from here.

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