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Windows 7 Tips & Tricks: Dock The Current Windows To The Left Side and Right Side Of The Screen

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Windows 7 is the Most awaited Operating System which is going to make it’s way into market by the end of this year.
It is believed that Microsoft and Intel were working on this project to provide their best than the previous version Operation systems of Windows. As the Microsoft and Intel were working since last 20 years together but they are placing much efforts on this project. So lets expect a step more from them.
So, it will be cool if we know the tips & tricks and features before the release of the full version by using the trail version of Windows 7 which is already available in Web World for downloads.
So folks, we can accustomed to the Monumental Operating system before it’s complete version release by following the tips and tricks and also trying out the new features in this.
Now Dock The Current Windows To The Left Side and to right Side Of The Screen is our Sixth Tips & tricks on Windows 7 Operating system. Lets check what it can do..
Dock The Current Windows To The Left Side Of The Screen:
This new feature seems useful because sometimes it’s disturbing that windows seems to float like crazy on the screen and it’s hard to attach them to one side of it.
Now this can easily be done using a keyboard shortcut. Press the Windows key + Left key to dock it to the left side of the screen.


Dock The Current Windows To The Right Side Of The Screen:
Press the Windows key + Right key to dock it to the right side of the screen.

Display Or Hide The Explorer Preview Panel:
Press ALT + P to hide it then once again to display it.
Display Gadgets On Top Of Other Windows:
Press ALT + G

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