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Why your ranking and earning aren’t synonymous?

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The myth of “higher the ranking, Higher is the revenue generated” has been widespread since the scratch of this millennium. But i suppose, it is not as true as much believed.

Money doesn't depend upon rankings

The Myth

I see all bloggers, web developers and web designers that are nowadays much worried about their Alexa rankings, Google PR, compete rank, etc., They believe that

Better their ranking, better is the traffic and better is the revenue generated.

The first half of the statement is pretty much a right conception, but the latter isn’t. Read the case study below to catch my point clearly.

The Truth

No, not really. Even I was once a believer of the above statement but today I was enlightened because of Wikipedia.
Yes, Wikipedia!
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Wikipedia has an Alexa rank of  #7, Google PR – 8 and it’s Compete rank is #5.
But Wikipedia is, after all claimed to be, an open-source and completely free encyclopedia in the web.

I guess the monthly income of Siddartha Thota is probably more than that of Wikipedia foundation.

So what’s the secret of making money online?

Strategy is the key to T20 cricket and so is it important in blogging. Placement of ads, offering much-needed services and joining affiliate programs means a lot in making money online.

I hope you found reading this article was motivational to all the newbies out there and a reminded to the intermediates. Share your golden views through your valuable comments.

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13 Comments to Why your ranking and earning aren’t synonymous?

  1. I agree with your point but let me disagree when you say – “I guess the monthly income of Siddartha Thota is probably more than that of Wikipedia foundation.”

    Sir, that is mere mis-information. Do you know about the 1 million dollar project that Wikipedia founders hosted last year? It took just about a month for them to raise that kind of money… that too via charity donations by Wikipedia users (like you and me)! 😛

    • @TechChunks Yea, Even I too agree with you bro. Without having any commercial benefit y do they do such a kinda hard work..

  2. Although i never received a check from Adsense ( i got banned before i reached my first $100) but i do know that Wikipedia earns money not through advertising but through Donations so it is useless to compare Wikipedia with any other ad supported site. My friend Murugappan your analysis is a narrow one. If Wikipedia were to show commercial ads then it would have matched Google.com in earning as Wikipedia gets 40,200,000 visitors and Google gets 10,200,000 visitors every day (Source:http://www.checkwebsitestats.com ). And every blogger knows for sure that the more the quality visitors the more the income.

  3. I hope you said ‘I guess the monthly income of Siddartha Thota is probably more than that of Wikipedia foundation.’ just as a joke. Because $10.4 million was the raised money for Wiki in 2010 and they are calling for a twice-larger budget of $20 million for 2011!

  4. You are right, earning does not equal to your rank. Your earning depends on how you blend your page into money, the way you convert your traffics into money. In fact, ranking is just a fame for me. Money comes first! 🙂

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