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Why use home phone instead?

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There are many technologies that come across our eye. However, few of them are able to live longer and most of them die away with time. VoIP or home phone is one such technology that has been becoming common with the passage of time. Let us have a look at the reasons why this technology is gaining such a high level of success with time.

#1. Easy to use

One of the prime reasons why a new technology fails to impress people is because of the difficulties that people have to go through in using it. Home phone is one such service that is used just like an ordinary phone. All you need to do is connect your VoIP ATA with internet line on one end and a phone on the other end. You are all set to go. Most of the good VoIP providers like Axvoice offer a friendly user manual through which you can easily seek guidance, in case you are not able to figure out how to install your home phone. And in terms of usage, there is no difference between an ordinary landline phone and a broadband phone. Just make and receive the calls the same way you had through your old phone.

#2. Technology difference

The most important differentiating factor that makes internet phone way better than landline phone is the technology. Home phone service does not rely on copper wires and is not using analog signals to communicate. It instead uses digital signals and transfers voice in the form of data through a purpose built protocol called voice over internet protocol. This protocol helps improve the quality of the calls and also increases the reliability of the home phone. You won’t have to deal with any of the usual issues that are faced by a regular landline phone user anymore.

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#3. Money saving

Saving money is one other advantage that you will get by switching from ordinary phone service to home phone service. Switch to any good VoIP provider and you will easily find yourself with great call plans. No matter what your calling needs, internet phone providers will help you meet them. There are many excellent & best cell phone plans offered for international calls which are typically available for people with more frequent calls made abroad. Same way, making domestic phone calls does not remain a costly affair anymore.

#4. Flexibility in terms of usage

Landline phone can only be used in one single way and that is a phone connected with a phone line. There is no other way you can utilize the benefits of the landline phone. On the other hand, internet phone is different in this regard. You can use your home through your personal computer. You can also use it through your cell phone by connecting your mobile to wireless internet. Or use home phone service through the regular way of VoIP ATA. Landline phone services don’t offer you such a kind of flexibility in terms of usage.

#5. Portability factor

Lastly, you can use your internet phone anywhere in the world. All you need to have is subscription to a VoIP service and an internet line to connect your phone to. There is no other requirement and there aren’t any charges either to connect. Landline phone however cannot be used like that and you will have to stick to one place for using it.

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7 Comments to Why use home phone instead?

  1. Petricia Clark

    Well this is the beauty of VoIP. Unlike land lines, you can take it whereever you want. Land line phone was a fixed phone set. You could use it only on the spot where the company had installed it. VoIP phone has given independence to its users. Many people use VoIP phone service just because of this independence.

  2. Lance Ferguson

    Right now, so many technologies are available in the market for voice communication. However, for me the best of all is VoIP phone technology. The reason is this is not only the cheapest phone service but also provides many features.

  3. Brad Spiers

    It is true. Features offered by VoIP service providers are really popular in the users. However, different people need different features. One may need call conferencing while the other user may need call forwarding feature.

  4. Chip Patterson

    I completely agree that. There are no hard and fast rules as far as the VoIP features are concerned. Majority of the internet phone service providers are offering 15-20 features on the other hand, some companies are offering upto 30 features.

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