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Why Should You Download Microsoft’s Time-Accelerating Hyperlapse App?

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In this era of technology, we see a new development everyday in some or the other field. The world is moving fast and technological advancements don’t fail to give it a pace. Now, Microsoft has brought a new face by releasing a time-accelerating app named “Hyperlapse”. For Microsoft Windows phone, this app has been launched. However, for Android devices and other platforms, this app is in its beta phase.

microsoft's time-accelerating hyperlapse app

You must be wondering why you should download Microsoft’s new time elapsing app, so here are some points to justify its use.

1. Clear Vision: This app is built keeping the HD quality video in mind. The final video is of great quality in high-definition, which looks crystal clear on the phone. Since users might want to display the video on the television screen, the high-definition quality makes it a pleasure to watch the videos. By default, the contrast, brightness and color tone settings are done to the best level and no tweaks are required, ultimately rendering a clear vision.

2. Interesting and Better to Understand: A long video condensed to a smaller version definitely makes it more informative. It condenses the information worth of hours into a few minutes or more depending on the setting. This makes it easier for people to watch and understand the whole video. Moreover, talking about Internet, it makes it easier to share with other people, as the size of the video for a time-lapse is smaller than a normal video with the same content. Hence, time-lapse has a native advantage and if you get Hyperlapse do it for you, it is even better.

3. Time-Saving: We all know that sometimes it becomes boring and tiring to watch a full video at one go. In any case, the attention span of humans is very less (~ 5 minutes) after which they get distracted easily. Watching a video, which is long, may turn out to be boring for the user. So, time-lapse is a good way to shorten it and make it interesting. It is an icing on the cake if the quality of the video is good. Moreover, if you can do it directly from your home, it saves a lot of hassle to transfer to the computer and run on suitable laptops. With the constant increase in computing capabilities of mobile phones, it has become more and more easy to perform CPU intensive activities on the mobile phone itself making life easier for humans.

So, with this new app launched by Microsoft, sharing of vacation videos, tutorials, recipe videos, adventurous trekking videos or any kind of video with others is now made easier and fun.

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