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Why Should You Buy iPhone 6?

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Apple recently launched iPhone 6, its new mobile in 2014 and people were just crazy about it. Everywhere in the world, thousands of aspirants for iPhone 6 were seen standing outside Apple Stores in a queue. But how worth was it to upgrade iPhone 5 is the real question. So, here’s a comparison that will help in deciding. We will basically be focusing various enhancements that Apple iPhone 6 brought and also will give you best reasons to upgrade your Mobile. You might be interested in our previous post about iPhone 6 plus specifications.

Enhanced Display and Screen Size:

Screen size of iPhone6 is larger than that of iPhone 5 at 4.7 inches. This is the maximum screen size that Apple has manufactured ever since 2007 when it entered the phone market. Colour, saturation point and clarity are good and accurate. The resolution of screen has also been enhanced to 750 x 1334. iPhone 5s has high quality display, but iPhone 6 has even more enhanced display with a wider screen.

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Slim Build and Design:

iPhone 6 is undoubtedly larger than iPhone 5 and also thinner measuring 6.8mm. It has a retro look without 2 tone designing. However, it is all dependent on people’s preferences. iPhone 6 is not so chunky when compared to its predecessors, which makes it more likely to slip down from hands. Thus, it is advisable to use a mobile cover for safety so that you can avoid accidents. Your carelessness can cost you heavy and you may end up paying big amount at Apple service stores.

Upgraded Performance:

This new mobile device has a dual core A8 processor (main) with M8 co-processor that makes scrolling through the menu items quicker. Thus, with a faster navigation and browsing on web, this phone’s performance is upgraded and hence it is worth for iPhone 5 users to upgrade to iPhone 6. But, it again has 1GB RAM, which makes web pages reload after a while as it won’t allow app status to be saved for long.

Power and Battery Back-up:

The new iPhone 6 comes with non-removable battery that runs for a day if heavily used just like iPhone 5. When it is discharged, it recharges quickly if plugged with a charger.

Thus, with all these upgraded specifications, it is fine for you to go for iPhone 6 only if you want a faster phone with larger screen. iPhone 6 is the new flagship mobile of Apple.

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