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Why Android phones are good for gaming ?

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Online casinos became hugely popular throughout the last decade, and with the advancements in smartphones and 3G and Wireless browsing, gaming and in particular online casinos have become just as popular on smartphones and tablets. There is no need to sit at desktops and enjoy these games any more when you can enjoy them on the move. Most people own smartphones, and therefore browse the internet while they are waiting for a train or taking a break, and a large percentage of the applications downloaded on phones are often games.

Android phones have large screens and great screen resolution which allows you to have a great gaming experience, and they are also compatible with a lot more games on the market. Nowadays, you can access mobile casino sites that have been created especially for Android devices and this increases the ease with which you can play. Games look extremely realistic on an android devices and many of the games look just as good as games you might play on a console. When downloading casino software to your android device, you can enjoy benefits such as access to all games on the site and also great welcome bonuses. Lots of these bonuses are created just for the mobile version.

You can use the free bonuses on offer to test out games and get some practise. If you want real cash pay-outs, you can play Online slots, poker, blackjack, and many more games from your device, or if you want you can play just for fun. If you have already registered at an online casino such as those found at http://www.gamingclub.com/nz, you can easily transfer the account to the mobile casino and then continue playing from your smartphone. The other great thing about Android mobile casinos is that the number of games available to you is growing and improving all the time.

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