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Track Who Unfollowed You on Twitter : 5 Best Tracking Tools

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Who unfollowed on Twitter
Today, We are going to deal with tools that which help us to track people who unfollowed on Twitter. Infact, to find who unfollowed on Twitter we are in desperate need of certain tools that which can do this job for us. Ofcourse, there are many tools which can fulfill the procedure to find out people who Unfollowed you on Twitter, but we have framed 5 best tools that can accomplish the task in effective as well as efficient way.

I’m not going to lie, being unfollowed on Twitter can be potentially heartbreaking. It can feel almost as personal as defriending someone on Facebook. You have to remember, though, that unfollowing is an essential part of the microblogging process, as important as following, direct messaging, or trending topics.

What’s more, you can even gain some wisdom and improve your Twitter account in the event of an unfollower by tracking when exactly people unfollow you. Perhaps it was a tasteless joke you Tweeted during a late evening. Or maybe it was a week you didn’t Tweet much at all. Or a week you Tweeted too much. Or plugged your blog too much.

While Twitter does not offer a great method to track unfollowers short of regularly checking your list of followers and carefully checking discrepancies, there are several applications and websites out there that will track unfollowers for you with a variety of different methods.

Here are 5 Tracking Tools To Track Who Unfollowed on Twitter

#1. Friend or Follow – Who Unfollowed on Twitter Tool

  1. This is a simple and effective Twitter application that’s extremely easy to use.
  2. Just enter your username (and possibly sign in to Twitter if your account is protected), and this application shows you “following,” “fans,” and “friends.”
  3. “Following” lists the people you are following but are not following you back (often times the people that unfollowed you at a certain point).
  4. “Fans” are the people who follow you that you don’t follow back.
  5. “Friends” are those who you follow and who follow you mutually. <Friend or Follow>
Friend or Follow Tool - Who Unfollowed on Twitter

Friend or Follow Tool - Who Unfollowed on Twitter

#2. TwUnfollow or Qwitter – Who Unfollowed on Twitter Tool

  1. I grouped these two applications together because they offer the same essential service with very slight deviations.
  2. Qwitter gives you a daily summary through email of who stopped following you.
  3. TwUnfollow offers the same services but can also give instant email notifications rather than daily.
  4. For a fairly low monthly fee, Qwitter offers more services like tracking multiple Twitter accounts with one Qwitter account and displaying your last tweet before being unfollowed. <TwUnfollow or Qwitter>
qwitter - Who Unfollowed On Twitter

qwitter - Who Unfollowed On Twitter

#3. SocialOomph – Who Unfollowed on Twitter Tool

  1. Formerly known as TweetLater.com, SocialOomph provides a variety of services, both free and paid, for a variety of social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter.
  2. It allows Twitter users to schedule tweets, track keywords, extend Twitter profiles and view @mentions and retweets all for free.
  3. Buried deep within the features, SocialOomph allows users to “Follow those who follow you,” and “Unfollow those who unfollow you.” <SocialOomph>
socialoomph- Who Unfollowed on Twitter

Socialoomph - Who Unfollowed on Twitter

#4. TweetEffect – Who Unfollowed on Twitter Tool

  1. This nice little web application gives you a summary of your followers and unfollowers in relation to your tweets.
  2. Essentially, it gives you a rundown of which tweets went wrong and lost you followers.
  3. Simply inputting your Twitter name will pull up a list of your last 200 tweets, highlighting which Tweets lost and gained followers.
  4. This is a great tool to use if you notice a large dip in your followers.<TweetEffect>
tweeteffect - Who unfollowed on twitter

tweeteffect - Who unfollowed on twitter

#5. TwitterCounter – Who Unfollowed on Twitter Tool

  1. TwitterCounter is great for analyzing your tweets, followers, and following over large periods of time.
  2. While it can’t help you identify unfollowers, it offers you data that shows you the bigger picture of your Twitter presence.
  3. TwitterCounter is a mostly free service and even allows you to look at larger periods of data by just publicizing their site with a tweet.
  4. For a price, you can also view data and trends for your mentions and retweets.<TwitterCounter>
twittercounter - Who Unfollowed on Twitter

Twittercounter - Who Unfollowed on Twitter

Thus these were the best tools that which helps you to track your Followers Who Unfollowed on Twitter as well as you can understand the fact that why your followers were unfollowing you.

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  1. Haha, very useful. You track them, you prank them, and then you lure them back, with them not knowing you have secretly carried out an elaborate revenge plan involving one of these gadgets you mentioned. 🙂

  2. wow mariana. this is a gr8 tool to analyze our twitter behaviour. we can improve our tweets quality and consistency and thus keep our twitter followers with us!!! 🙂

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