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When Duty Calls

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Call of Duty
In 2003 I was in a room full of computers, everyone was working and I was playing I.G.I . For the ignorant the full name is I’m Going In , and that’s an action game. Well some people like to call them Arcade game, but I like the name Action Game since so much action is involved. That time I was so fascinated with the stages and the game I was awestruck by the graphics and how easily I could move, climb ladders and most of all kill people all in the virtual world. When I was hit it really used to hit me hard, my hands would shake and my eyes would turn blurry.

But the good ol’ days never last! I finished I.G.I in 3 months (without trainers, the trainers were not available so much back then) and moved on to better games with even better graphics, and don’t even ask what I am playing now. I wouldn’t tell!

In my opinion Games are best when they have a story to support them. I remember a time in a not-so-distant past when me and all of my friends used to go to a game parlor (only by name) and used to connect all the PCs together and played one hell of a game and still do when other games seem boring. The name of this classic game is Call Of Duty.

Call of Duty

Oh what a game we had. A bunch of fine lads dedicating their virtual lives for the sake of America or Russia in the epic battle of World 2. One of the most realistic games of all time this is. In call of duty you have to listen to even the minor details and I tell you its hard to outwit the enemies or simply out-power them. Different scenario and smooth story flow makes the game even more interesting.

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I know what all of you are thinking, you might be wondering what is a review of an age old game doing here. Well, this is definitely a classic game and deserves to be a collection item for gamers. Those who haven’t played this game at all are seriously missing out some real Action Gaming. In this Game there are 7 types of weapons used. They have Bolt action rifles to Normal Rifles, Sub Machine Guns, Shotguns,Pistols,Explosives,almost everything you wish to see! Lots of things to kill Nazis with! Two different series of missions, once you work as an American soldier and then a Russian soldier.

In the game though the journey of the Russian soldier is a bit tough though, as if you can feel the world going chaotic. The experience simply outcast other games by miles. The game has 6 versions till date , 5 of them added later on after this was first released in October 2003 and the newest version is going to be released and is named Call Of Duty : Black Ops. Also has near about 10 expansions, all versions included. In spite all of the graphics story and everything that makes the game so beautiful the best part does definitely have to be where you can re-spawn yourself ad can take revenge on the bastard that killed you in the first place without much waste of time. You get to live once again just a fragment before where you were killed last time. That had to be the best thing back then and till now.

This Game is epic, and deserves to be played by every aspiring gamer around. P.S – The “FUN” part exists only in virtual reality where nobody really gets killed except for your controller.

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  1. i started pc gaming with IGI seriously , on my amd PC then , 2004 i guess. latet i got max payne and fifa , with NFS. ever since i play pc games , i got asus 9800gt on my desktop and played mass effect 2 , COD MW 2 at full thottle , also crysis .. great games COD is best of all . hardcore gamers need dedicated grfx cards , with 512 or more ram , my card along with Coolermaster SMPS cost 11k Indian currency

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