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RIM PlayBook – A Secret Behind The Launch

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We, came across many Gadgets and their comparision articles over past few weeks. Today we are going to deal with RIM’s Playbook and RIM’s playbook specifications and features.

Like Apple, RIM is an example of the old paradigm, “own the hardware and the software.” They were closed ecosystems that ruled defined segments of the market. RIM controlled business mobile communications with theBlackberry (shared with Nextel), and Apple owned the graphics design and college market.

Then came the iPhone and the borders had to be redrawn. RIM has been suffering ever since. However, it was nothing until Android came along and altered the landscape. Once the master of the market with BBM (BlackBerry Messaging) and the ubiquitous Blackberry, they have become the relic of a bygone age. Until recently that is.

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RIM Playbook - Blackberry + Android

RIM Playbook - Blackberry + Android

#1. The Secret Playbook

HP’s purchase of Palm was a warning bell for RIM. The old guard of the mobile world was falling fast and if it did not make a move, it could be next. WebOS, so touted as the savior of Palm became little more than the reason that they were “gobbled up,” and not left to fade away. RIM would need a bigger play. New “smartphone-like” Blackberry models fell flat against the tide of iPhones and ‘Droids. The tablet was no sooner born with the iPad than RIM got into motion (pun intended). The rumors soon provedtrue, and RIM was to manufacture a Blackberry tablet.

For a time the attention of the virtual world turned to RIM, the stories abounded and speculation flew about the specs, price, and the intended tablet market. As the answers soon emerged, the picture seemed clear, the Playbook would not be a consumer focused product, but Rim would target it to Blackberry users, called market consolidation. The business world is just now starting to embrace tablets as the coming platform of choice, along with the cloud and smartphones.

RIM Playbook Tablet

RIM Playbook Tablet

With such a long established presence in the market, surely RIM would have the pull to secure its existing market against the iPad and the “Droid tablets” to come. Then it could build a new empire of enterprise mobile computing. This was back when the ‘Droid tablet was a interesting idea, the existing examples were poor at best. The competitor to beat was Apple, the iPad. The market and media hypewas strong around the tablets introduction making following that a good idea. The natural focus on business meant that they could trump iPad before it had a chance to gain a foot hold; then RIM goofed.

#2. The Prettier Partner

A single announcement started the viscous rumors. It was announced that BBM would be released asan Android and iPhone app. The cry went out, “RIM is abandoning Blackberry!”

RIm PlayBook - The Secret Playbook

RIm PlayBook - The Secret Playbook

While nothing could befurther from the truth, the rumor damaged Blackberry phones. RIM had convinced the market mind that the Playbook would be the new market focus, and that Blackberry phones where history. This panicked the market as it did not expect it, and in fact, when the news began to spread, it affected the launch announcement at the 2011 CTIA Wireless convention.

With the announcement that the Playbook would go live on April 19 and the product portal was up, something happened; the company’s stock tanked. It should be no surprise, as investors are very unhappy with the fact that the old reliable Blackberry is dying. It is not though, at least that is the impression from the details of the new Playbook, and it will be unable to connect to the Internet except by Wi-Fi and tethering to a Blackberry as if to assure panicked investors and Shareholders. RIM stated alater version would have cellular data capacity, but keep in mind, though, that Blackberry is popular witha certain segment of the consumer market, but only time will tell if RIM is coming or going for good.

Hope you loved the article about RIM’s Playbook, post your valuable comments.

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