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What Makes Avast Cleanup a Great Choice of PC Cleaning Tool?

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Just like anything else, the PC also gets cluttered and if you don’t clean it, it starts testing your patience.

How to Decide That It’s Time for a Clean-Up?

  • Are your PC applications taking forever to load?
  • Are the web pages getting loaded slowly in spite of your internet connection working optimally?
  • Do you have duplicate files and other garbage like old programs and settings on your hard drive?

If the answers to the above questions are affirmative, then it’s definitely time for a clean-up. Using a PC cleaning tool helps in speeding up your system by tracking down the duplicates, removing the unnecessary files and cleaning up space that was unnecessarily taken up by the temporary and junk files.


Avast Cleanup is one such tool. Using Avast Cleanup free, you can detect and remove the malware that has cropped up in your web browsers. It is an optimization tool, which will supplement Avast Antivirus protection. In case you don’t want Avast Antivirus, then you can get only Cleanup as a standalone application. It quickly scans your system for the unwanted files and programs that need to be disabled or removed for your computer to run optimally.

What is It That Makes Avast Cleanup the Perfect Choice for Cleaning the PC?

Here’s what makes Avast Cleanup a great PC cleaning tool:

  1. Its crisp and clean design is easy to navigate. Once it is run, the search results are sorted according to the browser and then ranked according to the quality.
  2. It has easy-to-remember system requirements, which are like if your PC can run Avast Antivirus then it is bound to run cleanup.
  3. The browser clean-up creates a technical log of whatever it finds attached to the browsers. This makes it convenient for the advanced users to understand and troubleshoot if required.
  4. Its registry scan helps in removing the obsolete files from the uninstalled programs.
  5. As all clean-up happens within the Avast user interface, you don’t need to reboot Linux.
  6. The clean-up of files happens at a pace. The browser clean-up searches quickly completing things in less than 30 seconds generally.
  7. When the Cleanup completes a scan, it recommends certain changes. You can review and modify them before allowing the system clean-up. After the system cleaning is done, then also the description of the changes made to the system is shown. In case you are dissatisfied with the changes it made, you can revert back your system to the pre-cleanup state using the Windows system restore option.

All these features of Avast Cleanup make it a great choice. And, the best thing is that you get all these completely free with no expiration date on the application.

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