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What is the Best PDF Reader for Mac OS X?

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In this article, I’m going to compare the list of some of the best PDF reader for Mac OS X that helps you to enjoy reading e-books on your Mac system. PDF documents as considered as one of the most secured ways of carrying your information and are easily accessible when compared to other formats. There are many PDF readers that are competing in the market, but Adobe’s PDF reader is my favorite PDF reader ahead of any other readers and in this post, I’m going to list out my favorite Mac PDF reader applications.

With Apple and Adobe working together on some of the aspects to develop the Mac based products, the Adobe PDF reader will obviously have slight edge of favor in terms of performance ahead of Windows.

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Lets check-out what is the best PDF Reader for Mac and why?

#1. Adobe PDF Reader for Mac

  • Whenever the word PDF reader comes into the action, its obviously the Adobe’s PDF reader that receives the huge buzz, regardless with the which platform whether you are using Windows or Linux or Mac.
  • It is also available for Mobile Platforms and is widely open for any sorts of modifications or previewing or editing or printing tasks of your PDF documents.
  • It is available in free version and it is one of the fastest PDF readers that are existing around which made me to provide the place for Adobe reader in my favorite PDF readers list and I’m kinda favorable user for Adobe products ;). <Download Adobe PDF Reader>
Reason – Brand(Adobe), decent features and available in free version as well.

#2. Skim PDF Reader

  • If you are focusing primarily on the annotations, then Skim PDF reader is one of the best choices for you. It carries many exciting features like adding/editing the notes, magnifying tool, bookmarking, exporting as text, and many more.
  • It even supports the Apple’s remote control and you can also sync to many other third-party external applications like La TeX, PDF Sync, etc., and not to forget it even allows us to download the files remotely.
  • It is a highly customized Mac PDF Reader application and it is available for free. <Download Skim PDF reader for Mac OS X>

Reason – Skim is considered as best alternative for Adobe and it’s customizable options makes it one of the best option.

#3. PDFView

  • If you are looking for one of he lightweight PDF Readers for your Mac system, then PDFView is one of the best choices that you are having.
  • But, the developers of PDFView has stopped developing if further, but still you can rely on it because of its portability. It includes features like integration with La Tex, magnifying tool, page rotation, and supports multiple languages. <Download PDFView>

Reason – Portable, Includes exciting features like magnifying tool, page rotation and many more.

#4. Read Right

  • It is yet another light weighted PDF readers that are available for Mac, and it is a product of GNU.
  • The PDF Documents will be opened really fast when compared to other readers and it rotates them automatically and scales to the fullscreen by making life really happy for e-book readers.
  • It is one of the my favorite PDF Readers and it is loaded with exciting features like magnifying, flexible navigation, inverted coloring options and is really fast. <Download ReadRight>

Reason – Portable, Flexible, and really fast.

Thus, these are some of the best PDF readers that are available for Mac OS X. Hope you enjoyed our article on What is the best PDF Reader for Mac OS X, post your views in comment section below.

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