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Video attack on Facebook traps your Address

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Facebook is one of the best Social Networking website which is growing it’s empire with rapid pace with over 25,000 applications. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Millions of people use Facebook everyday to keep up with friends. Being such a popular website with over 400 million users, its been one of the major target for Hackers over a period of time.

Attacks on facebook have become very common in recent times. Despite the first two attacks which tracks your facebook credentials the third and the recent attack differs from those. The attackers tried to grab your personal information that is your address and other details this time.


The attack followed like this.

  • Some of the users on facebook got nasty messages on their walls regarding beach babes and their respective videos. They were supposed to click on the videos to attain much fun it seems. Also the video is named “The most hilarious video ever”.
  • Once you click on the video you are taken into a fake login page of facebook. Here the trick lies. Most think that they are temporarily logged out and tries to login again and enters all the details. Here if you observe the address bar you will be shocked to see that you are not in facebook.com
  • Regardless of what you typed in the login page you will be redirected to original facebook site and you will be asked to allow access to the application to your profile.
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  • If you allow, you will be taken to a page where it asks to upload FLV player to view the video or you will be asked to attend the quiz. Up to this point the process is same as of the previous attacks.
  • But this one has additional phishing component which works depending on the country you reside. If you are from US IP address you will be asked to upload FLV player to view the video. This will be detected by 30-40% of the antivirus engines. Here there is a chance to be safe.
  • But if you are from UK and entered its IP address you will be taken into a page where you will be asked to attend a quiz of around 10 questions. Once completed it says you are one of the person who won ipod or laptop and it asks your personal information. Here most users are trapped by giving away their personal credentials.

So guys please be careful while entering any information you feel personal and secret on not only facebook but also on any site. Please do check the address bar once to make sure that you are on the intended site.
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8 Comments to Video attack on Facebook traps your Address

  1. I play the Torre Attack. I see Ne4 almost every time I get to your key position, instead of Nd7. However, I do like your trap. How do I download U tube videos to see them off line. It costs too much to stay online where I am at.

  2. Phishing attack is an ever growing attack. The only solution, is making the internet user aware about these possible threats when they start internet for the first time. 🙂

    Nice post.

    – Robin

    • Siddartha

      @Paul yup dude. They are just relying on people’s weakness, which can lead to huge disaster!

  3. Better to equip yourself with best anti-malware and anti-phishing software. There are free alternatives like Avg antispyware, Pctools and Microsoft security essentials.

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