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Valentine Special : 3 Mantras to Follow to Keep Technology at Bay from Spoiling Your Relationship

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When you look into the eyes of your loved one this Valentine’s Day, will there be the warm candle’s glow or the light coming out of your phone screen?

Technology has however made it quite easier to meet your potential partners and also be connected to them all the time through smartphones and social media platforms. But, there is no doubt that technology is also causing rifts and distractions, especially for those high-tech workers who need to be connected to their jobs all the time just to keep their work intact. And, this sometimes leads to fights and arguments among the couple.

The best way to avoid these problems is to have an open communication between the couples with special attention on areas, which could result in tension. To strengthen that relation, we here have 3 mantras, which couples must follow to keep technology from spoiling their beautiful relationship.

valentine special

Before You Tag, Make Sure to Ask

Social media is one of the major danger zones for potential fights with their partners on their discussion about a committed relation, which normally revolves around changing their relationship status on Facebook. The life of a relation now directly relates to social media updates and pictures. This also includes different opinions on posting a pic of kids or each other. The thumb rule to avoid such tension is to always ask before you involve your partner in a social media post.

Spend Some Quality Time Away from Technology

Even if you and your partner are blessed to have a good relationship without any technology stress, it is advised to make time to keep the gadgets away and be there for each other. For example, this could involve no phones in bed or no gadgets at the dinner table.

Say No to Sharing Passwords

It can very easily happen in a long relationship that people are just comfortable enough to share their passwords with each other, be it for a social media account or their emails. But sometimes, too much access could result in confusion and mis-communication. It is definitely great that you love your partner and trust them to have shared your password, but it is not healthy.

Sometimes, even the blandest of an email conversation when seen by a third person could be taken in wrong way. Some online habits that might be normal for one person could be offensive to others, so it is better to not take the risk and keep it simple.

By following these 3 mantras, you can be sure of keeping your relationship always loving and beautiful so that you can celebrate your love every day.

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