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Upcoming 3 Gadgets in 2015 Which Will Be Mind-Blowing

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Gadgets play an important role in life. Imagine a world without any gadgets; can you imagine it? No, we can’t because we are living and leading life with gadgets. Without gadgets, we would rather be uncivilized people. There are many gadgets, which are booming in the market. Each and every day, we come across many of them. 2015 is a good time for geeks as there are some awesome products to be launched. Here, we are going to discuss about 3 awesome gadgets, which would blow your mind.

Digitsole Smart Insoles

It would be awesome to get your hands on a rechargeable insole that can be used to heat your feet and track your steps. You can also link this device via Bluetooth and use an Android or iOS app to adjust the temperature of your feet if necessary. The insoles will also help you to track how many steps you have moved, how many calories you are going to burn, how many calories you have already burnt etc. This gadget will definitely help the health conscious people around the globe. It is already said by geeks that it would be an awesome gadget for the future.

upcoming 3 gadgets in 2015

Sony Symphonic Light

Here is another awesome product. Sony’s new bedside lamp looks like a lantern; it contains a LED bulb inside and there is also a speaker for streaming good music while sleeping. The design is too good; the price is not yet disclosed. The idea of LED light with a speaker is old, but the unique thing is the design and the brand name. This would be very helpful to common man for daily use.

upcoming 3 gadgets in 2015

Air2 Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Believe it or not! This isn’t the first levitating speaker; actually there are many. This one looks cool and very stylish. It employs the magic of magnets, which is the music. Balanced correctly on top of the magnetized base, you have a shiny chrome centre piece. It costs $200, which is quite reasonable. It does float.

upcoming 3 gadgets in 2015

These are the 3 awesome gadgets which are sure to gain popularity in the coming days.

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