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Unleash A Kid’s Creativity and Skill In Writing Through Blogging

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Is blogging exclusive for teens and adults only? The answer is no. Blogging is for everyone, whatever your skin color is, your age and even your gender. It does not choose who would be the person that can blog and who cannot.

Even kids can even do blogging during their free hours instead of facing in front of the computer monitor logging in to social networking sites, checking profiles of his friends and do some commenting.This is not spending your kid’s time in a more productive way. To give you an idea about blogging and what it can do to your kid, read on.

The following are the advantages of letting a kid be exposed in blogging:

1. Commitment.

  • Having a good sense of commitment is one advantage of exposing a kid through blogging.
  • It is because a kid will be involved in everything from writing a blog post and putting it live for the public to see.
  • If this becomes a habit, then it is good news.
  • He will be attuned to the world of blogging and be more committed on doing a post every day or once a week.

2. Increase level in communication.

  • To be more expressive and not afraid of saying what is inside his mind is what blogging can do to a kid.
  • No more worries about being scolded of saying things that are not within the standards of the society as proper, etc.
  • Apart from that, he would be able to get grasp of his inner self and discover who he really is without hurting himself in the process.

3. Writing, editing and spelling skills improved.

  • Here is another advantage of blogging that most parents would be happy about – it does improve a kid’s skills in the field of writing, editing and spelling.
  • It can serve as a good training ground to make a kid be more creative yet practice proper way of writing a blog, doing some editing work and can even do a spell check.
  • This can be beneficial to him especially when he goes to school while attending an English class.

4. Typing speed increased.

  • In time, the typing speed of a kid will increase from 10wpm to 20wpm.
  • As the days pass by and as he is into the habit of blogging, a kid can see for himself who his typing speed increases tremendously by simply writing a blog post.

Putting a kid’s imagination and ideas into the written word is such a good privilege especially for parents who want to see a good improvement on their kid’s level of communication, skills in writing and much so with typing speed. There is no hard and fast rule in the world of blogging. It is more of being expressive about yourself; let your hearts out without the fear of being judged by other people.

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3 Comments to Unleash A Kid’s Creativity and Skill In Writing Through Blogging

  1. I completely support your drive to encourage kids to blog. It can be fun for them. Heck, my son and daughter are already blogging about educational games that they share among their friends. I hope you don’t mind the link.

    Bottom line is, kids nowadays are spending more and more in front of the computer rather than playing with other kids outdoors. Teaching them to be more productive through blogging not only improves their writing but boost their moral that what they are doing is something of value.

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