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OM’s Tuesday SEO Special : Understanding Basics of SEO

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Launching Om’s Tuesday SEO Tips

Today we’re launching our new series of SEO tutorials – Om’s Tuesday SEO Tips! Rightly guessed. Every Tuesday, you’ll get to learn some of the best SEO tips that will help you in improving the visibility of your blog in eyes of search engines, and in turn help in boosting up your SERP rankings.

So, what are we waiting for, just switch to our First post. My First post will be on just basics of SEO in order to help newbies in getting started, while amateurs and pros can refresh their basics with this article.

Understanding Basics of SEO

Now, let’s start off with the basic stuff. Personally, I prefer WordPress as content management system, since it’s an excellent blogging platform that comes with a whole lot of freebies such as plugins, widgets, and virtually countless free themes too.

Getting Started

Having said that, I’d like to make it clear that these basic SEO tips will work irrespective of the blogging platform you pick – be it WordPress, Blogger or a custom CMS. However, some of the nitty gritty – for example Sitemap.xml and handful of other stuff will be specific to WordPress, and you may have to do a bit of homework to find out its equivalent for your blogging platform.

Note: Before you proceed, install the All in One SEO plugin on WordPress to take care of basics, such as adding meta tags, meta description, generating summaries for your blog posts etc.

#1. What Does it Take to Learn SEO?

Well, there’s no rocket science involved behind learning SEO – in simple terms, search engine optimization is all about presenting your blog in a search-engine friendly format. But, you must remember that your readers should be your top concern rather than the search engines. So, assuming that you’ve just started a new blog, here’s what you should start off with.

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#2. Targeting the Right Keywords

Anything you write must be enticing enough for the readers, and if there isn’t large enough a reader base who’d want to read what you write, then it’s pretty much waste of your time and efforts. Hence, targeting the right keywords becomes extremely essential.
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#3. Using Free Keywords Suggestion Tools

Popular keywords or search terms can be easily found through free keyword tracking tools like Wordtracker. However, it is again important to understand that you shouldn’t write on something that you don’t enjoy writing, for you may run out of ideas soon enough.

If you like mobile phones, simply pick a niche such as latest smartphones, and then pick popular keywords like ‘latest best smartphones’ or if you like a particular brand such as Nokia, then start writing reviews about particular models such as Nokia e71 review.

Now, go to Wordtracker, and find relevant KWs – targeting the right keywords is the key here. Trying to target ‘Nokia E 71 review’ which has avg 61 daily searches may not be a good idea early on, because the competition will be very high.

On the other hand, targeting KWs that have 4-10 searches/day as per Wordtracker stats such as ‘nokia e71 accessories’ is the best idea for initial 2-3months.


Targeting the long tail keywords can be not only great for SEO, but also for improving conversions – we’ll talk about this a bit later in this series.

#4. Maintaining Right Keyword Density

Back to basics – apart from picking the right KW, is yet another important consideration for SEO. You should use 1-2% KW density, and try to target few other secondary KWs apart from the main keyword as well.

Make sure that you write at least 300-500words, though even 200-250 short posts work, if you’re writing latest gadget reviews, or entertainment related stuff.

Well that’s it for today folks – check back next Tuesday for more SEO tips!

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Om Thoke is an SEO expert cum cyber entrepreneur who runs many popular blogs like cool car pictures and He's the M.D. of Webfosys Networks Pvt Ltd, the best Indian SEO company that provides content writing, web design, and SEO services to hundreds of satisfied customers across the globe. If you like this post, you can follow us on Twitter. Subscribe to GadgetCage Feeds via RSS or Email to get instant updates.

6 Comments to OM’s Tuesday SEO Special : Understanding Basics of SEO

  1. Nice post OM!
    Back when i used to write on Blogger, i used to face lot of problems too. I am sure even today people on blogger.com might be facing problems regarding SEO and stuff… If you could also include something for them, it would be great!


  2. Om, great post!

    Although I think “keyword density” actually distract people from what’s really important – great content, great community, backlinks. Take a look at huge sites like TechCrunch or similar – they don’t sit and count words, yet most of the time they are ranked higher than anyone else for nearly any slightly-more-competitive-than-average keyword.

    Or Wikipedia, which is ranked almost for any existing object in the world 🙂 Even if it wanted – it just couldn’t maintain any kind of keyword density – it’s edited by huge number of authors.

    I do agree with other factors – right keywords are very important!

  3. Thanks for all those lovely comments — i hope you guys have been following the other posts in the SEO series as well… Keep dropping in your comments if you have any confusions, or if you don’t agree to a point that i mention 🙂

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