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Ultimate Features of iPhone 5G

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iPhone 4 Concept Switched to iPhone 5
In this post, we are going to deal with the features of iPhone 5 from Apple. In our previous posts, we’ve checked about iPhone 5 as well as iPad 3 predictions, now here we are about to check features of iPhone 5G. So this is the time to change the entire 3G and 4G customer into 5G network.  Yes another version of Apple iPhone 5G is ready to come. Apple is planning to have 15 million units of the iPhone 5 is ready for the release day.  It sets the target to sell 25 million units by the end of this year. iPhone4 customers did have some issues with the Antenna which impacted people trying to originate and terminate the calls. You can read our articles on Apple iPhone 5 Rumors and Apple iPad 3 Release Fictions. Now, here we are about to deal with predicted features of Apple iPhone 5.

Features of  iPhone 5 : 

  • Processing power
  • Iphone OS
  • Iphone 5 camera
  • HD Video Recording and HDMI OutPut

#1. Processing Power:

Iphone5 is utilizing Apple’s A5 dual core processor. This is one of the speedy and powerful processor and it was first used in apple ipad2. Current rumors’ have stated that Iphone 5 delayed because of A5 processor overheating when combined with new Iphone. Processors with more powerful GPU and 1GB RAM and A5 processor, 1.2 GHz dual core dual channel processor with an accelerated GPU and more than 1GB main memory.

#2. Iphone OS:

In Iphone 5, they are going to use their latest version of OS that is iOS 5 which is recently released by Apple. And in this new OS all the software updates are now sent wirelessly and these updates only include the changes. Apple said that more than 200 new features are in iOS 5.

#3. Iphone 5 camera:

It has the 8MP camera with an improved LED flash. It captures high quality pictures and videos. Iphone 5 has the larger screen at a higher resolution (HD or WXGA), supported by faster LTE network.

#4. HD Video Recording and HDMI OutPut 

The iPhone 5 comes with iOS 5 and it must sync with all iOS 5 features and according to the rumors there is huge possibility that iPhone 5 may be loaded with HDMI Output as well as HD video recording. Of course iPhone 4 is having HD video recording, but still the sources as planning to launch much more advanced versions of it.

Some Serious Infographics about iPhone 5 Rumors

iphone 5 rumor and infographic

Source : GottabeMobile


Source : Nowhereelse

Overall look and Feel

Depending upon the above features the Iphone 5 could be completely different in look and feel. It replacing glass back with a new metal back which is act as an antenna. It has the incorporate touch sensitive buttons. It is expected to introduce enhanced YouTube player and mail client especially for gmail. And there were some rumors saying that apple Iphone 5 will come with sliding keypad.

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  1. There has been lot already said on web about iPhone 5. Most of the things felt science fiction features for example the transparent thumbnail in this post. Well, border less screen and Projector are some strongest rumors. Let’s see what comes out to be true.

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