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uCoz – The Best and Free Website Creator

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Are you looking for best online builder to Create Website freely? and wondering how to create a blog/website?

Then it’s uCoz which is one of the best Free website builder. When you compare uCoz with other service providers like WordPress, Blogger. I can suggest uCoz is the best option when you go for free website creator. The Features of uCoz is mind-blowing as its providing more than 40% of features provided by self-host WordPress platform, so considering a free website creating platform uCoz is probably the best and you can start your own weblog at uCoz.

Creating Website/Weblog is really so easy task with uCoz, as it doesn’t demand much knowledge and you can build a website pretty easily and quickly. You don’t actually require a professional experience in web-design. I think none of the Website Creating Platform services would offer you such a promising services and features freely and that’s the reason why uCoz is so special platform to create websites/weblog quickly and easily.



Technical Features of uCoz :

  1. It provides 250 ultimate default templates to choose in-order to design your website/weblog. According to the statistics uCoz announced that over 1,000,000 active websites were been using their services.
  2. They Provide unlimited disk space with excellent technical support and also provides you the backup for your websites/weblogs.
  3. They also provides 21 modules, thousands of widgets as well as gadgets to design your blog attractively and provides Domain names like site.com, and also provides Database backup which makes you to blog without any tension and they claim 99% Uptime.
  4. It supports many modules like Page Editor, Forums, Photo Albums, Site news, Guest Book, Publisher, Blog, Web Polls, E-Mail Forums and many more.
  5. uCoz also allows you to have Rotating ad banners which Top Website Builders like WordPress, Joomla etc can’t provide you.
  6. Finally, you can build a website on uCoz and can export that website/weblog to your preferred hosting or even use their own free host providing services which doesn’t have any restrictions till 400 MB.

Ofcourse, we can’t expect 100% performance from a Free Website Builder and uCoz is not resistant to that fact. The Only disadvantage of uCoz is that you can’t use scripts (PHP, CGI etc.) and therefore data bases (MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle etc.).

So, If you are looking to start a free website/weblog then uCoz is the best place to start without any hesitation.

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8 Comments to uCoz – The Best and Free Website Creator

  1. For a Free Website Builder i admit it’s pretty good, but an experienced webmaster should never use a web builder, they’re better going manual for everything.
    Still, beginners will find uCoz useful.

  2. As Maria, I also think that experienced webmasters shouldn’t use something like that. However, many of my friends constantly ask me to teach them, how to build websites. I might push them in that direction, for them to get started in the website building world…Looks like a good find for beginners.

  3. Im an expert webmaster, and let me tell you…this is not a simple web builder…this a powerfull hosting and CMS system integraded, this is the future guys imagine a fusion of Joomla and wordpress this is the result….an awesomely powerfull CMS. Not a simple site builder.

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