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Ubuntu as SmartPhone OS – Can it make difference?

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Since past few days, there has been slight buzz around the market that Canonical (official developer of Ubuntu) is going to launch a new product into the market soon. Breaking all the silence, Canonical has announced a new Ubuntu OS for SmartPhones. I’ve been keenly watching the videos regarding the features, performance and other keynotes of Ubuntu SmartPhone OS over past few hours and I’m really excited about its features and functioning.

Though, you might not get hands-on the new Ubuntu SmartPhone OS till the end of this year or early 2014, but you can get personal demonstration about it at MWC and you can also check out its preview at the CES 2013. With Ubuntu SmartPhone OS, everything you need will be available at the edge of the Phone, as all the 4 edges of the Phone are designed to do something – Left Edge for using favorite apps, Top Edge for switching around the settings, Right Edge for going to previous pages, Bottom Edge for app controls. Not to forget, unlike other SmartPhone Operating Systems, Ubuntu OS for mobile works with swipe functionality instead of tapping the buttons for toggling around.

Canonical made sure that Ubuntu Mobile OS can also make use of Android Kernals and drivers, which should clear the doubts of facing hardware compatibility issues.

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While comparing Ubuntu Phone OS with other leading SmartPhone Operating Systems like iOS and Android, it’s too early as Windows 8, RIM and few other Operating Systems are desperately trying to make some impact to diversify the market share. Android holds the whopping share over 63% followed by iOS holding close to 14%. It would be really a big challenge for Ubuntu Phone OS to make any sort of impact as Windows 8 which is considered as most awaited Mobile Phone OS failed to show any impact on the market shares of Android and iOS. It would be really early to make any comments about its potential, lets wait till CES 2013 for experts comments on it’s performance.

You can jump to Official Ubuntu website for more information about Ubuntu Phone OS or you can check-out this official Overview about Ubuntu Phone OS.

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