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Types of Links and Traffic You May Not Have Thought of Tracking

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In this post we are going to deal about the elements of tracking our back-links. Tracking the in-links to your website has been quite a tedious job, but by making use of Google Analytics the job can become quite simple and easier. Actually you’ll be noticing few visits for your blog but you will not be able to track the position where you are receiving the visitors. Some-times you’ll drive great traffic but certainly not able to track which irritates you which may reflect that visitors might not be organic or may be because of some spam-bots. But most of time the visitors will be organic.

Here are few types of link which you might not have given a go:

#1. Email Signature

  • Everyone of you would have at least 2 email ids, and in the signature you would have added your web address to promote your site as such, keeping in mind that the people whom you send the mail, would click it.
  • But most of them very rarely click on it as it is in the signature but few of them would definitely click.
  • Keeping track of such links is quite a difficult task, but you can do it by adding few tracking codes.
  • It is recommended to try few different things that attract the recipients who receive the mail and make them click on it as well.

#2. Graphics in your website

  • You can have a call to action button across the various pages of your website wherein you are trying to prompt your user and keeping track of such users is also quite important as such.
  • For instance, if you have a featured image and a review which rotate on a call out then most of them would surely be clicking on it.
  • As per our observation, around 70% of the users do clicked on the review and ended up by subscribing and just about 5 percent of them did not even take a look at the featured image.

#3. Marketing

  • Marketing your product on TV, newspaper, website ads and many other ways wherein it is necessary to keep track of all such users but is difficult as such.
  • Do not forget to add tracking codes to your ads on the web-pages and the track the number of users who visit through them as well.

#4. Bio Links

  • You all have a passion for writing guest articles for blogs or any other websites as such but are having a track of such links as well?
  • You can track this by using the analytics that is if you have added the tracking codes for it and have an idea about the traffic which you are obtaining from these articles or guests posts.

#5. Additionally, you must also try to track traffic coming from various forums, blog comments, and social media sites to understand what works well for you, and what doesn’t – and then try to reformulate your strategies based on similar lines to get the best results.

Thus these are the 5 best ways that you’ll receive traffic without any traces.

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