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Turn your Android into Wi-Fi Hotspot for Free

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I knew it since long time, that we can convert our Android SmartPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot, but I never tried it. Before converting your Android device into a Wi-Fi hotspot, you need to know that most of the Android devices having version 2.2 or after that, are designed in the way that, they serve as portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

Wi-Fi Hotspot is the process of providing the Mobile’s 3G or 4G Data Plan by other devices like Computers, Laptops, Tablets or other Mobile phones.

Initially, you can do this with a traditional process called Tethering, in which you can share your device’s Data Plan with just one computer by means of a USB cable or bluetooth connection or with the help of softwares like PdaNet. With current technology, you can create hotspot that can serve about 5 devices at a time.

wifi internet hotspot for android

You need to make sure that your carrier may charge for creating Wi-Fi hotspot, as your Data Plan will be squeezed pretty fastly. Make sure that you plug your Mobile Phone into a power source, as Wi-Fi hotspot will draw a lot of battery power from your device.

There are many procedures that helps you to create Wi-Fi hotspot from your Mobile device, and I’m choosing a common default procedure that is same for almost 90% of devices.

How to Create Wi-Fi Hotspot with your Android Device.

  • Go to Settings option and you’ll see the Hotspot option under the Bluetooth option and click on it.
  • You’ll find the shortcuts over there in order to change the settings of all kinds.
  • You have to set a name for the Hotspot network that you are about to create.
  • Now, from this menu you can change the network type as well as enable the password, etc., things.
  • You are almost done, you just need to activate it. Then the mobile will be displaying a notification regarding the status of the Hotspot.
  • Once, you are done, you can jump on to your PC or tablet or other devices and connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot, just link normal Wi-Fi network connection.

You also have other alternative processes like using the applications like FoxFi.

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