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Top 5 Reasons to buy a Tablet PC

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 There are hundreds upon hundreds of different tablet computers on the market at the moment. They can be found in all price ranges and many are considerably cheaper than desktop and laptop PCs. You might be thinking why do I need a tablet? I’ve already got a smartphone and a computer – how is it different?

We’ve focused on differentiating the various aspects by comparing both Laptop and Tablet. Most of the techies claim that Tablets are the hybrid mixture of Laptops and SmartPhones and they are absolutely right, as they serve the purpose of both their devices. I guess you might be interested in reading about the History of Tablets, that helps you to understand this article in dept. Lets check out some of the best reasons to buy a tablet

why should you buy tablets

There are many reasons and benefits to owning your own tablet computer in addition to your other gadgets and we’re looking at them below.

#1. Portability

Comparing a tablet to a computer automatically shows off the additional portability the tablet offers. They’re designed with portability at their core and they’re supposed to be carried around. They may not be usable in one hand like your smartphone but are easy to prop on your lap or a surface. Grabbing your tablet for a quick email check or to browse the news is quicker than powering up your laptop or desktop PC.

Of course your smartphone is very portable too but the screen size makes it difficult to have the functionality you need for all tasks.

#2. Productivity

Of course your tablet isn’t ideal for extensive writing work but it can be the perfect portable workplace. You can handle basic tasks which are essential and need to be done on the go with your tablet. Tablets can also be useful for students as they can be loaded up with digital text books so they no longer need to drag out piles of books and end up with backache!

#3. Entertainment

Tablets are perfect for keeping yourself entertained. Their main component is their large screen so it’s great for watching films and TV. Your smartphone screen just won’t be anywhere near good enough if you’re looking for some serious entertainment. Services which allow streaming of films and video are available at affordable rates. You can also access a huge range of games and the touchscreen capability makes for more creativity and innovation in the development of games.


#4. Adaptability

The range of apps you can download is almost endless. It doesn’t stop at games, there are functional and innovative options which can add a further degree of use to your tablet. From flashlights to current affairs your tablet can provide a full range of services whenever you need them. This includes instant access to your social media channels and chat apps to stay in contact with friends and family on the go.

#5. Battery Life

The majority of tablets will provide battery life that is far superior to a laptop. Carrying your tablet with you rather than your laptop means you’ll probably last a whole day without needing a recharge. The majority of laptops will only go for 2 or 3 hours without charging. Lugging around a charger as well as a laptop and then having to look for plug sockets is much less convenient than simply whipping out your tab.

It may not be that you can think “now’s the time to sell my laptop” but we think we’ve shown how a tablet can be an additional gadget that your home needs.

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