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5 Top Rated Tablet PCs in the Current Market [2012]

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If you are planning to buy one of the Top rated Tablet PCs in the current market, I hope this article will definitely guide you to choose one of the best Tablet PCs that satisfies your requirements. 2012 is definitely going to be an exciting year for tablets, as we’ve already seen the roll-out of Apple’s New iPad (surprisingly not called the “iPad 3”) and there are rumors that Amazon may launch three new tablets of their own in the Kindle Fire range.

Top rated Tablet Pcs
Not to forget, Samsung and Blackberry are getting ready with their products seriously and we have also seen, Sony entering into the Tablet Market which certainly heated-up the competition. Last year, there was a hectic competition between iPad 2, Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Kindle Fire tablets, while some other Tablets like Blackberry RIM Playbook, Dell Streak, Sony Tablet S and few others, tried their best to stay in the limelight.

No change in 2012 as well, the competition in the Tablet Industry is at its pinnacle point and the companies like Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Amazon, Sony, Asus, Motorola, and few other reputed companies are trying to make crystal clear impact. It is certainly a tough task to pick just 5 Top Rated Tablet PCs among huge list of tablets in the current market.

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What’s more, several best Tablet PCs were released towards the end of the 2011, and their popularity seems to be growing by the month. Here we’ll consider arguably the 5 Top Rated Tablet PCs on the market right now.

Briefing out 5 Top Rated Tablet PCs

  • Apple New iPad
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
  • Asus EEE Transformer Prime
  • Kindle Fire
  • Sony Tablet S

Best Tablet PCs in 2012

#1. Apple New iPad 

It’s safe to say that almost every Top Rated Tablet PCs list this year will begin with the Apple iPad, this year it’s New iPad. Its attractive Retina display has been winning plaudits from tablet owners all over the world. Sporting an improved camera as well, this new model is bound to appeal to millions of Apple fans.

Interestingly, though, the arrival of the 3rd generation iPad does not seem to have reduced the popularity of its predecessor. Whilst millions of new iPads have been sold since the launch, a considerable number of consumers are still checking where they can buy ipad 2 tablets as well, because of their price reduction. It seems fair to say, therefore, that in 2012 we’ll see Apple users divided – maximum percent of users will be carrying the New iPad, whilst few others will hold on to their 2nd generation tablet. Its regardless, whether people still choose iPad 2 as Top rated Tablet or the New iPad which carries some stunning features.

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New iPad

#2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 

Next on the list of our best Tablet PCs is none other than the impressive Galaxy Tab 10.1. Hailed as the only true competitor to the iPad 2, Samsung’s tablet is even lighter than both the 2nd and 3rd generation iPads and has a similarly elegant design. Its 10.1″ screen and 1280 x 800 pixel resolution create an extremely vivid viewing experience.

We’re hearing that Samsung will be releasing the “sequel” to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 fairly soon. However, early indications suggest that the new model (known as the Galaxy Tab 2) won’t be that much different. The only significant change is that the Galaxy Tab 2 will run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sanwich. So it’s fairly safe to assume that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will maintain its popularity, much like the 2nd generation iPad. Regardless with the rumors, the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 still holds the place as one of the Top Rated Tablet PCs in the market.


#3. Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime 

Next we have the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, which entered into the market as an underdog and developed a specific community of Fan-base who will be ready to debate that it is no way inferior to Apple iPad or Galaxy Tab and the performance, design are the major aspects that helped it to make into our list of Top Rated Tablet PCs in 2012. The Transformer Prime is slimmer than the original Eed Pad transformer. It’s pretty very light as well. With an 8 mega-pixel rear camera and a microSD card reader, the Eee Pad transformer Prime is regarded in some quarters as the best Android tablet on the market.

One of the advantages of the Asus Ee Pad Transformer Prime is its keyboard dock. The keyboard makes typing much more convenient and has even led some people to question whether the Transformer Prime is more of a laptop than a tablet. That said, it’s light weight and slim design make it much easier to carry about than a conventional laptop and many other exciting features with tremendous performance makes it one of the Top Rated Tablet PCs for 2012.

asus eee pad transformer prime

#4. Amazon Kindle Fire 

Coming in at number 4 is the Amazon Kindle Fire. It was a close call between the Fire and the Nook tablet. But the Fire is about $50 cheaper, making it slightly better value for money. One of the best features of the Kindle Fire is that it syncs up perfectly with Amazon’s vast store of video, music and book services. You also get to select from Amazon’s high-quality Appstore, which includes things like Netflix and Angry Birds and many other exciting features makes it one of the top rated tablet pcs.

According to certain rumors, Amazon wil be launching up to three new Kindle Fire tablets in 2012, making it difficult to predict which one will be the most popular. The newer models will supposedly offer a higher resolution and larger screens. This of cours also means that we can expect a higher price tag. However, given the popularity of the existing Kindle Fire, it seems safe to say that one of the Fire models will be on any Top Rated Tablet PCs list in 2012.


#5. Sony Tablet S 

Last but certainly not least, we have the Sony Tablet S. The stand-out feature of this tablet is its ergonomic design, it’s not just about the design that helped it to make into the list of Top Rated Tablet PCs, but there are other factors like OS, Display, Connectivity, SD slot, Gaming and many more. Unlike flat tablets, the Sony Tablet S is shaped like a wedge – thicker at one end and thinner at the other. This has a number of extremely pleasing effects. Firstly, it makes the tablet much more comfortable to hold. There are flat-tablet owners who report a certain amount of discomfort when holding their tablet for long periods of time. On the other hand, users of the Sony Tablet S say they’re able to hold the device for as long as they want without experiencing any tiredness in their wrist. But that’s more. The wedge-like design also means that users can lay the tablet on a desk and type rather comfortably. In addition, the incline also reduces glare.

There’s more good news for owners of the Sony Tablet S. The device will be updated to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich towards the end of April. As an added bonus, users will also be able to watch programs they’ve recorded on their Sony Blu-Ray recorder. For these reasons, the Sony Tablet S makes our Top Rated Tablet PCs list.

Sony Tablet S

Hope, you’ve enjoyed our list of 5 Top Rated Tablet PCs in the current market that you can buy without any hesitation. If you think that we miss to mention any of your favorite Tablets PC in the list, do let us know by posting your suggestion below in the comment box. We’d try to add the device to the list of Top Rated Tablet PCs, if there is enough reason for adding it.

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