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5 Top Online Resources for Making your Place of Work Paperless

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This is an era of smart gadgets and technologies like SmartPhones, wireless networks, e-mail and tablets etc. Despite of advancement many businesses are still using papers for their work.  There are different reasons to it that why so many businesses are still tied with papers.  It could be because the other business or administrative organizations that the businesses deal with only prefer paper forms or faxes.

The other very common reason is that old habits die hard. However, with a small technology investment you can save your business time and money and can contribute to reduce the wasteful cost of paper products.  Given below are five splendid cloud based tools which are very useful in making your workplace paperless and save your time and money simultaneously.

#1. Invoicera

It is a big waste to make paper invoices but, with Invoicera you can take the paper out of your billing system and provide an organizational revamp. You can access it from any system and there is no need for proprietary set-up. You just need to log-in your account with the password.  After logging your account you have access to an online overview of your invoicing system which can be used to track time and expenses, create reports and most importantly send invoice to your clients.


#2. NitroPDF

This application allows you to develop PDF forms without efforts so that your clients can view and complete with standard software such as Adobe Reader and most web browsers.  In addition, without resorting to printing and white-out you can modify an existing PDF document.


#3. EchoSign Online Contracts

This is a user-friendly and web based application to produce and archive digital agreements. If you already have paper version of your business agreement then just upload it to EchoSign and enter the recipient’s mail address.   The recipients will receive a copy of the document along with a link where they can e-sign.


#4. CloudContacts

CloudContacts is concerned with business associations. You send them your stack of 4*5 inch card stock and in return you get identical data which can be introduced in almost any contact or CRM system including Gmail, SalesForce and Highrise.


#5. Dropbox

Dropbox is an online file-sharing tool that saves all your files on the cloud.  It is extremely simple to use and can be accessed from anywhere with any kind of device or operating system.

Thus, these are the best places where you can read, store your information by saving the papers. Hope you enjoyed reading our article on 5 Top Online Resources for Making your Place of Work Paperless and stay tuned for more updates.

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  1. Dropbox is the most important program we use, it really helps to work on the documents from one central area and you can also access previous versions in case someone messes up.

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