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5 Top Free Android Games for 2011 – Part I

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top free android gamesIn this post we are going to deal with 5 Top free Android Games for 2011 as we already dealt with many Android Apps, Android Mobile Comparisons and Android Games in our previous post and this is our series continuation article for Best Free Android Games. After Evolution of Smart Phones, the mobile gaming has picked up rapidly and within short period of time they became the part of our lives. Of course there is a huge list of Top Free Android games available which made us to cut them into series out posts and provide you the best possible list of Best Free Android Games.

Considering the popularity, user ratings, experts reviews of the apps and games over past few years, we’ve framed the list of Top free Android Games for 2011. There were a number of games launched in the android market this year, which include many free games, out of which some have become extremely popular.

Let’s take a look at some of the top free android games for 2011

  1. Angry Birds
  2. The Red Stone
  3. Newton
  4. Drop
  5. Frozen Bubble

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Top Free Android Games for 2011

#1. Angry Birds – Best Free Android Games (Fun)

  • Angry birds is one of the top free android games currently available in the android market with more than two million users having downloaded the game in the first week of its launch.
  • It’s a pretty interesting game, liked by users of all ages. This game is also available for the Apple devices but at a cost, while the android version is available for free, though you’d see ads being displayed on your screen every other moment. (these are quite irritating but then it’s quite fair when you don’t need to spend even a penny to enjoy such a nice game for free!)
  • Angry Birds is undoubtedly the Top Free Android Games for 2011 and its the most played Mobile game in the history which made it one of the best free android games in the SmartPhone Games.

Download: Angry Bird Rio

Angry Birds Game - Top Free Android Games

Angry Birds Game - Top Free Android Games

#2. The Red Stone – Top Free Android Games (Shuffle)

  • If you like to play a square shuffling game and that too on android platform, then this is the best free android game available for you.
  • Initially, you will start with the bigger sized square and you will have to shuffle it and get out through the exit, which is located at the top of the screen.
  • This is one of the most eligible Top Free Android Games available for the shuffling game lovers.

Download : The Red Stone

The Red Stone - Best Free Android Games

The Red Stone - Best Free Android Games

#3Newton – Top Free Android Games (Puzzle)

  • This is for all the mathematics and physics freaks; in this game, you will have to shoot at the target which will be distracted by few of the elements of physics like the pushers, benders, pullers, traps, mirrors and lot more and its best suited game for puzzle game lovers which made this into the List of Top Free Android Games.
  • Beta version of the game is available for free, and it’s real fun!

Download – Newton

Newton - Top free Android Games

Newton - Top free Android Games

#4. Drop – Best Free Android Games (Reflex)

  • Well, few call this a game while other say that this is just a demo that speaks about the accuracy of the accelerometer of the Android platform and it is most eligible Top Free Android Games that tests your accuracy and reflexes.
  • You just need to tilt your phone when you make the little ball to bounce and fall in the gaps of the floor. So, try it out and see if it amuses you.

Download : Drop 

Drop - Top Free Android Games

#5. Frozen Bubble 

  • This is one of the best android games wherein you need to just fire the gems up the screen and form groups of similar colored clusters; this pretty much sounds like the Firing Gems game that you would have played earlier, but this is better one than that in terms of graphics also the look and feel.
  • Frozen Bubble is one of my favorite android game.

Download : Frozen Bubble

This is it and we’ll come up with more exciting lists of Top Free Android Games in our future posts.

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  1. There’s a bunch of good open source games for Android that I’m writing a blog post about. OpenTyrian, GemRB, and the Ur-Quan Masters are a few.

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