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Top and Best Free iPhone Apps You Must Have [App Directory]

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best free iphone apps
In this post, we are going to deal with the list of Best Free iPhone apps you must have in your iPhone and these apps are selected based on the user ratings, their performance, expert reviews, functional requirement and we have personally tested huge database of Top Free iPhone Apps and finalized the list of apps that are worth having in your device. In our previous articles, we’ve dealt with Android Apps, iPad Apps and now we jumped into best free iPhone Apps. In the current generation, iPhones are becoming a crazy gadget and we can call it as a technological rage. With the increase in demand for iPhone, even the number of iPhone apps are increasing day by day. There are currently more than 5 million applications available in the market which explains about the importance and the demand of Apple iPhone.

We’ll be updating this list of “Best Free iPhone Apps you must have on your iDevice” regularly. So, stay tuned for trying out some of the Top Free iPhone Apps in the market.

Apple iPhone is one of the revolutionary device that which played the crucial role in the uplift of the Market Range of SmartPhones. It was in 2007-08, Apple iPhone created a Rapid Boom for the Mobile Industry and also I don’t hesitate to tell that SmartPhone Mobile Business started with iPhone. Now in this article we’ll check out the list of 15 Top Free iPhone apps that you must have.

List of Best Free iPhone Apps you Must Have

  1. IM+
  2. Instagram
  3. Dropbox
  4. Wikipanion
  5. Mog
  6. Evernote
  7. Amazon
  8. Google Translate
  9. Find My Phone
  10. TripAdvisor
  11. Skype
  12. Dictionary.com
  13. Lose it
  14. Love Quotes
  15. XE Currency

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Best Free iPhone Apps You Must Have

#1. IM+ – Best Free iPhone Apps for Social Networking

IM - best free iphone apps

IM+ is one of the best Social Networking App for your iDevice, that provides us the scope to access huge deal of Social Networking/Media sites from one place. It is one of the best All-in-One app for Social Networking via your iDevice for sites like Facebooks, Twitter, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Myspace, Jabber, iChat and many more. It is one of the Top Free iPhone Apps for Social Media addicts.

Facebook and Twitter are having their own official apps, but this app is capable of bringing even more Social Networking sites together and helps us to stay connected with all our Online Friends which makes this application one of the must have iPhone apps for Social Networking addicts. <Download from iStore>

#2. Instagram – Top Free iPhone Apps for Photography

Instagram - Best iPhone Camera App

The statistics of this amazing app explains the user satisfaction. It is used by more than 11 Million happy Apple users. It is one of the best Camera App for your iPhone that converts every element into pretty simple by creating fun. This is one of the Top Free iPhone Apps for photographers. You can share your photos with your friends on many popular Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare and Posterous.

The effects with 100% customizing freedom for the users with specially designed custom filters like Earlybird, Rise, Amaro, Hudson, Sutro, Hefe, 1977, Vintage, Brannan and many more. While some other effects like Linear and Radial Tilt-Shift added extra weight for this app. <Download from iStore>

#3. Dropbox – Best Free iPhone Apps for File Sharing

Dropbox - Must have iphone apps

Once you install Dropbox, the documents or files saved in it will be saved in your computers, iPad or iPhones or the Dropbox website. It allows you to bring your docs, videos and photos at a common place, and access them anywhere, anytime. It is one of my favorite app and I just can’t live without it. This is voted as the Top Best iPhone Apps you must have for productive management. It helps in offline viewing of your files.

You can carry any files or folders on the go; e-mail attachments can be saved in the Dropbox too. <Download from iStore>

#4. Wikipanion – Top Free iPhone Apps for Reading Wikipedia Entries

Wikipanion - Top Free iPhone Apps

It helps in easy search, display and navigation of Wikipedia entries.  Access of wiki has become very easy with Wikipanion. It features table of contents which helps the browser, multiple search methods, language switching and dual language changing ability, history of last visits with date, full in-page search and lot more. So, if you are wondering to search something around the web from your iPhone, this app will help you to bookmark, save images, multiple searching methods and many exciting features makes it one of the must have iPhone apps for everybody.

It is one of the best free iPhone apps for reading information in Wikipedia. <Download from iStore>

#5. Mog – Top Free iPhone Apps for Streaming Music

Mog - Must have iPhone Apps

It gives access to immense music library existing in the cloud, allowing you to download unlimited songs on to your iPhone and is estimated that this app covers over 10 million songs. You can connect through Wi-Fi or stream using 3G or download tracks and save. It is a free application and gives a continuous flow of music while you have to fiddle in other applications. This is one of the best free iPhone apps that are currently available for music lovers.

iPhone 4 users have the advantage of background streaming too and it is the best Music Streaming App for iPhone. <Download for iStore>

#6. Evernote – Must have iPhone Apps for Organizing Tasks

Evernote - Best Free iPhone Apps

Evernote is one of the best free iPhone Apps that converts your iPhone into your second brain, allowing you to note down everything in your life like ideas, biography, must-do notes, etc. Not only the text, you can make use of Evernote for almost all possible remembrances which helps you in keeping track of notes to ideas to photos to audio notes. You can also record voice as well as audio notes. Other exciting features like saving, editing, synchronizing and sharing files makes it one of the must have iPhone apps for organizing your day.

After saving your notes, you can sync your notes in iPhone to your PC and also you can align them based on their priority. <Download from iStore>

#7. Amazon – Best Free iPhone Apps for Online Shopping

Amazon - Best free iphone apps
Amazon app is one of the best app for your iDevice that helps users to search, shop, read reviews, purchase stuff on Amazon site and this app is loaded with exciting interface. The price comparison feature is one of the best thing allowing you to compare with 100s of other online stores and also additional features like allowing users to scan the barcodes, take the pictures, search as well as to find out the availability and many more amazing features making it one of the top free iPhone apps for both mobile and online shoppers.

This App allows you to buy from dog food to furniture. According to me, it is one of the best App for your iPhone.<Download from iStore>

#8. Google Translate – Must have iPhone Apps for Translations

Google Translater - Top Free iPhone Apps
It is one of the best free iPhone apps you must have that is capable of providing translations for over 60+ languages using the Google Translate for iOS. This app not only translates the text, but also it is capable of translating the speaking text in 17 languages without typing. It is one of the top free iphone apps to have to translate language even without having 3G or Wi-Fi network.

You can also list to the translations spoken loudly in over 24 languages and also it allows you to check out your translation history regardless whether you are online or offline. <Download from iStore>

#9. Find My iPhone – Best free iPhone Apps to Track lost Phone

Find my iPhone - Top Free iPhone apps you must have
This is one of the must have best free iPhone apps that for your iDevice which helps you to track your iPhone when you misplace it somewhere. You just have to install this app on another iDevice, enable it and sign-into your unique Apple ID and this app will help you to track out the missing device on a map and also you can remotely lock your iDevice from anywhere using this app or even remove the confidential data as well. You can remotely lock your device which makes it one of the top free iphone apps and this makes your device pretty safe.

This app not only helps you to find out your iPhone, it is capable of searching all your iDevices. <Download from iStore>

#10. TripAdvisor – Top Free iPhone Apps for Travelling

TripAdvisor - Top Free iPhone Apps
It is one of the best app that helps you to plan a perfectly optimized trip which provides you the reviews of the real traveler, photos, maps, user views, and also the forums. It is one of the most reliable iPhone App for Travellers loaded with more than 50 Million reviews. This is rated as one of the Top Free iPhone Apps for organizing your travel options. It even allows you to book tickets, but also helps us to findout the cheapest flights options as well.

Not only just reading the opinion and organizing our trip, it also provides us the valuable information about the Cheapest Flights, Hotels, Restaurants and even the most attractive spots that you must visit on your vacation. <Download from iStore>

#11. Skype – Best Free iPhone Apps for Online Video Communication

Skype - Best Free iPhone Apps you must have
Skype is one of the best app that allows you to communicate with your friends. You can Call, Video Call or even message instantly to anyone on the Skype from your iPhone. It works on 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity as well. The Video calling is allowed for iPhone using iOS 4 or above versions and also you can send and receive message using your Front/Rear Camera of your iPhone 4. You can also send instant messaging and many more exciting features in this app.

It is compatible with any of the H264 devices and if you are want to make video calls, Skype app is the must have iPhone apps for you.  <Download from iStore>

#12. Dictionary.com – Best Dictionary & Thesaurus App

Dictionary - Best free iPhone Apps you must have
It is one of the most trusted Dictionary and Thesaurus app used my huge deal of iPhone users and it also doesn’t need any Wi-Fi connectivity for your phone. Its loaded with over 2,000,000 words, antonyms, synonyms, examples and definitions. This is a must have Top free iPhone apps and I don’t hesitate to list it in my best free iPhone apps list that you must have. You don’t need any sort of internet connectivity in order to use this application. While in order to look at the definitions of the daily content, voice-to-text search as well as spelling suggestions, we need Wi-Fi connectivity or 3G network.

It also includes other features like voice to text searching, Popular word of the day helps you to know one word a day, Spelling recommendations, phonetic suggestions and many more.  <Download from iStore>

#13. Lose it – Best Health and Fitness App for iPhone

Lose it - top free iphone apps you must have
It is one of the best iPhone app that which guides us to lose weight. You have to build the diet and calorie target that makes you to stay fit. It takes care of every essential element your body needs. If you are caring about your health, then this is one of the Top Best iPhone apps you must have with you for great suggestions. You can track nutrition value such as proteins, fat, carbohydrates etc., and also add new recepies or exercises to the database. You can email and take print-out from your iDevice.

It is completely ad free app and helps you to track your health record daily. <Download from iStore>

#14. Love Quotes – Must have iPhone Apps for Lovers

Love Quotes - Top Free iPhone Apps
It is one of the best iPhone app for lovers who can share over 2000+ amazing thoughtful love quotes. You can also share them with your friends on Facebook. It is certainly special app for lovers and its worth having on their device.

Some of the exciting features in this application are user interface, searching, sharing with facebook friends, copy/paste support and many exciting features. <Download from iStore>

#15. XE Currency – Best free iPhone Apps for Currency Conversion

XE Currency - Must have iPhone apps
XE Currency can convert huge deal of world currencies into live currency rate and also it is loaded with over 30,000+ currency charts for historic rates and it also works even when the Internet doesn’t. Just shake your iPhone to reset or refresh the rates and also you can convert rates without internet access. It is one of the Top free iphone apps that are available for currency conversions.

Including 30,000+ currency charts, it even gives information about the precious metals like Gold prices etc., which makes it one of the best app to stay updated with the latest market trends.<Download from iStore>

Thus, these are the list of Best free iPhone Apps you must have in your iPhone and we’ll be updating this list of Top Free iPhone Apps regularly. So, stay tuned for exciting updates.

Hope you enjoyed reading article on List of Top and Best Free iPhone apps you must have in your iDevice.

In addition to the fun and useful apps that are available there are also lots of businesses starting their own apps for users. If you are looking to buy a used car which is in like new condition then have a browse on the new app for free.

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    • Hello Baker!

      I’d be bringing few more best and dedicated iPhone 4S apps. This list is for entire iPhone family, So Siri didn’t find place in it 🙂

  1. Great list! I’ve used a couple of things on this list even today (evernote, dropbox) but I think there are a couple of other options I am going to check out. Thanks!

  2. Amazing mix of apps you got there. The lose it apps seems incredibly help full, everything that can make your day a little bit easier is always great

  3. Very excellent post…. the application you explained is too good and i have use one this application…. i like your post…. thanks for sharing this type of good applications….

  4. Manish Mohapatra

    Apple iPhones are good when used with 3G services but they can only be found in urban cities. Most of the village sides and sub urban ones are still using the 2G services and iPhones are not good with that. Apple iPhone 4S and higher models are very poor in case of supporting the features and the applications of the broadband in most of the places and they are definitely not as good as Nokia N8 and above models of the Nokia. iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S does not really have that good product replacement service and also the warranty policies especially when compared to that of Nokia Lumia 800 smart phones. This really causes a lot of trouble to the people who buy them.

  5. Great Post Siddartha. But weak point is for me this apps for only 4S Mobile phones. I like 50% applications from your list. Because these applications are use by most of peoples.

  6. I really didn’t know about the apps specially(Find My iPhone,Mog,TripAdvisor) and now just came to know about those.I hope these will help me in different ways.Thanx a lot 🙂 🙂

  7. Haha nice, I love Instagram! People always give me crap for using it (Call me a hipster LOL) but I could care less, Instagram should be #1 on your list!

  8. Hey thanks for sharing this. These all Applications are really awesome. Instagram is really very interesting App. By this application we can interact with friends through giving & receiving likes and comments etc. Evernote’s features like: Record Notes, save notes in Voice and Text form are very interesting. Via these features we can record, process data at any time. Dropbox is also very interesting and useful app. All the Apps are brilliant.

  9. I can’t imagine my life without Evernote. I always forgot some/all stuff. Thanks for the post and great description for each software, I found a couple I should really try

  10. Nice list mate. Find My Phone is a best tool. Have a look also with Cinemagram and Viddy, a free video sharing app similar to Instagram.. but it’s only pure videos.

  11. There are some great apps here, i personally love instagram, im particularly interested now in dropbox and evernote, they look like they would be extremely useful! Thanks for a comprehensive list!

  12. iPhone is a powerful device. iPhone is not a mobile phone it is a small computer. you post apps is a very useful. thanks for your apps download list

  13. what a great comprehensive list which is really worth for trying out…
    evernote and dropbox are must to have apps for everyone… the list didn’t contained any shopping apps…so I would like to add mintm as a shopping app…it helps you to shop smartly with the facilities like smart shopping list n rewards for check in places which you want… must to have app mintm.

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