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Top and Best Free iPad Apps you must have [App Directory]

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best free ipad apps
In this post we are going to list out some of the Top and Best Free iPad Apps you must have and these are the Top Free iPad apps that we’ve selected in this post, helps you to organize your tasks in a systematic manner. We dealt with many Android and iPhone apps in our recent articles, and now its time to try out the list of best free iPad apps you must have. iPad is a trend setter tablet device, though it is not the first tablet device in the world, but still the era of Tablets started with Apple iPad. The stats explain about popularity of iPad Tablet PCs with stunning figures as it’s estimated that over 10 million iPads sold across the world.

We’ll be updating this list of “Best Free iPad Apps you must have on your iDevice” regularly. So, stay tuned for trying out some of the Top Free iPad Apps in the iStore.

Let’s take a look at Top and Best Free iPad Apps you must have, which makes your iPad a killer machine (not that it isn’t one without them!). One may feel that iPad is nothing but a larger version of iPod touch, but when you actually start exploring its apps, you’d feel the difference. It is far better than iPod with larger screen; check out our list of Top free iPad apps you must have.

Best Free iPad Apps you must have

  1. iBooks
  2. Evernote
  3. Fwix
  4. Netflix
  5. ABC Player
  6. Remote
  7. AccuWeather
  8. Dropbox
  9. Dictionary.com
  10. Feeddler RSS Reader
  11. Yelp
  12. WebMD
  13. IM+
  14. Adobe Photoshop Express
  15. AppShopper

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Best Free iPad Apps you must have

#1. iBooks – Best Free iPad Apps for Reading Books Online

iBooks - best free ipad apps
It is an interesting application for reading online books. It allows download in an amazing way and lets you to read books and it is one of the top free ipad apps you must have if you read a lot of stuff daily and it comes handy while travelling. iBooks is having a dedicated iBookstore which has latest and best-selling or the favorite classics e-books. You can browse the library, just a tap to open the books, flip through the pages, bookmark or add it in your favorites.

It is the best free iPad apps you must have in your iPad device definitely, if you love reading books. This app, turns your iPad into an e-book reader which even allows you to bookmark or to write notes for your favorite passages. These features makes this app, one of the must have iPad apps for readers.<iBooks>

#2. EverNote – Top Free iPad Apps for Organizing your Daily Work

Evernote - Best Free ipad Apps
It is a sort of secondary brain which will remind you of day-to-days’ work or events in your life and it is the best free iPad apps you must have for organizing your events. It is the must have iPad apps for everybody who cares about their productivity and it is the most popular iPad app. You can copy or make a note of ideas or keep a snapshots or recordings, and everything can be put at one place. It is voted as best free iPad apps and also it is selected as must have app for your iPhone and Android devices.

It can be synchronized with Mac or PC or iPhone, and that’s why it had also found its place in our list of top free iPad Apps. It also allows you to sync all your notes across your computers as well as your devices, it even allows us to share and save files and not to forget, you can keep track of your favorite products around the web. <EverNote>

#3. Fwix – Best Free iPad Apps for News Update

Fwix - Best Free iPad Apps

It provides real-time local news; you can browse for latest stories happening in your city from the news sites, and popular blogs and it is one of the top free iPad apps to stay updated. It’s just not about news; you can share those stories with your Facebook or Twitter friends or mail a link. Initially this application is limited to certain countries and now they are expanding their empire pretty quickly.

It is available in many countries and its popularity level is rising day by day which made us to provide you this app as one of the Top free iPad apps you must have to stay updated. <Fwix>

#4. Netflix – Top Free iPad Apps for Watching Streaming Videos

Netflix-best free ipad apps
Netflix is compatible with iPhone, iPad as well as iPods. It helps in movie streaming and allows you to enjoy your favorite TV shows which makes is one of the most eligible best free iPad apps you must have in your iPad. You can watch them as frequently you want, but what do you do when your wife calls you just at the wrong time? Well, you can continue watching shows or events where you left off.

Using Netflix, you can watch your favorite shows or movies as often as you are interested and you also have the option for resuming which makes it one of the top free iPad apps you must have for sure for entertainment perspective. Browsing movies and managing instant queues right from the device is a cakewalk; so try it out today! <Netflix>

#5. ABC Player – Best Free iPad Apps for Watching ABC Shows

ABC Player - Best Free iPad Apps
Well, ABC shows are pretty famous and most of folks watch them. And, if you’re also one of them then why not download ABC player and watch the full length episodes of ABC shows?

You can watch them absolutely free by using the top free iPad apps ABC Player and gives you freedom to watch at any moment and anywhere you want. Of course, most of them don’t want to skip any of the episodes of desperate house wives – so this app will most certainly come in handy, which made it one of the best free iPad apps you must have in your iPad for watching your favorite show. <ABC Player>

#6. Remote – Must Have iPad Apps for Controlling iTunes and Apple TV

Remote - Best Free iPad Apps

Remote is a must have iPad app that helps you to control Apple TV as well as the iTunes from your iDevices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch using the Wi-Fi network of your Home PC. This is one of the Top Free iPad apps you must have in your device to enjoy ultimate control. By sitting in front of your PC (open iTunes application) or in front of Apple TV, you can change songs, choose playlist, view the photo albums using your iPad or any other iDevice, if you are having Remote app intalled in it.

The latest version 2.2 is iOS 5 compatible, so you can use your iPhone 4S and forthcoming iPad 3 as well. The major activities of this app is, to pause the video, rewind or fast forward the playbacks, viewing albums, seaching for the favorite videos or audio from iTunes, Volume control and many more makes it one of the best free ipad apps you must have in your device. <Remote>

#7. AccuWeather – Best Free iPad Apps for Weather News and Predictions

AccuWeather - Best Free iPad Apps

If you are looking for some best weather apps for your iPad, then AccuWeather is the best option for you to go with. You can just pinpoint your location by using the GPS Technology of this application in order to access the accurate and detailed weather news and forcasting information on your device. Some of the best features in this application are iCloud Support, Weather Forcasting for various locations, detailed analysis with hourly weather updates and many more. This is yet another Top Free iPad apps for weather predictions.

Before forecasting, it considers many factors of weather like humidy percentage, wind gust speed and direction, visibility and other factors. You can also view the broadcasting videos that provide information of weather prediction ranging from sports related weather news to severe weather news and many other exciting features are loaded in this best free iPad apps that you must have in your iDevice. <AccuWeather>

#8. Dropbox – Top Free iPad apps for Accessing Files Remotely 

Dropbox - Best Free iPad Apps
Dropbox is my favorite app for all devices, regardless whether it is iPad or iPhone or Android devices. It is one of the top free iPad apps you must have for accessing your files, photos, and documents from anywhere across the world. Just install Dropbox on your PC, and also install Dropbox app on to your iPad. You are done, as it creates the medium between your PC and iPad allowing you to access files pretty easily from your PC or your iPad.

Dropbox app also helps you to safegaurd your data and also you can share your photos, documents with your friends and family. What not, Dropbox is one of the must have and best free iPad apps for sure. <Dropbox>

#9. Dictionary.com – Best Free iPad Apps for Dictionary and Thesaurus

Dictionary - Top Free iPad Apps
Most of the PC users are aware of Dictionary.com website which provides definitions, synonyms as well as antonyms of the word which you want to search for. Now, Dictionary.com is available for iPad and you don’t need any internet connectivity in order to use this application for Thesaurus and Dictionary. According to me Dictionary.com is one of the best free ipad apps you must have on your device.

This app is loaded with over 2 million words with their synonyms, definitions and antonyms. It also gives you the spelling, phonetics suggestions as well as audio pronunciation. So, if you are searching for some Top free iPad apps to know the antonyms, synonyms or definitions, then Dictionary.com apps is the once such an application you must be searching for. <Dictionary.com>

#10. Feeddler RSS – Top free iPad Apps for RSS Reading

Feeddler RSS - Must Have iPad Apps
Feeddler is one of the best free ipad apps you must have for Reading RSS. It is picked as Top free iPad apps by many reputed websites like Gizmodo, TFTS, etc. Feeddler just syncs with the Google Reader for which you need a registered account. It even supports multiple accounts to manage your feeds on iPad and also can display over 1000 unread feeds. You can bookmark and share the articles.

This app needs internet, while if you don’t find Wi-Fi connectivity this app will Cache the RSS feeds for reading the articles in offline mode. It also supports only text mode display using Instapaper Mobilizer. <Feeddler>

#11. Yelp – Best Free iPad Apps for Travelling

Yelp - Best Free iPad Apps
If you migrate to a new place for vacation or events, you certainly might search for some restaurants, cafes, shopping malls etc., then you are in need of a Digital Guide like Yelp in your iPad. Yelp is one of the must have iPad apps for travelling and it is the most used Travel app by iDevice users. It is suggested as Top Free iPad apps for travelling which helps you to find out exciting stuff at your awesome vacation.

Using Yelp, you can search for places to play, drink, eat or search for business address, and also you can browse for ratings and reviews of bars, restaurants, shopping malls etc. Share your Check-in at Facebook and Twitter. So, if you are a traveller and want to try out various habbit of new region Yelp is one of the Best Free iPad apps that suggests you everything. <Yelp>

#12. WebMD – Top Free iPad Apps for Health & Fitness

WebMD - Best Free iPad Apps
It is must have iPad apps for first aid and medical treatment purpose. It totally acts as a Medical Wiki Solutions for your health problems. You can check out the symptoms by selecting which body part is troubling you and it provides the list of probably issues and also provides you the list First Aid essential options like drugs & treatment information. It is one of the Top rated and best free iPad apps for health problem predictions.

It also provides information about drugs like vitamins, side effects, elements used etc. It also provides the information about closest hospital for your locations if you search by city, state or zip. It is considered as one of the Top free iPad apps for health care and fitness suggestions. <WebMD>

#13. IM+ – Best Free iPad Apps for Social Networking

IM+ - Best Free iPad Apps
Each of the famous social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are having their own iPhone, Android, iPad applications. But, if you are a Social Media enthusiast and also you can’t download separate app for each and every social media site, then IM+ is one of the best option that you must check for. It is top rated and Top Best iPad apps for Social Media profile management.

With this application, you can chat or contact your friends on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, AIM, ICQ, MSN, Google Talk, etc. It comes with Angry Birds theme and it is a Beep in-app push messenger. <IM+>

#14. Adobe Photoshop Express – Top Free iPad apps for Photo & Video Editing 

Adobe Photoshop Express - Best Free iPad apps
Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the Top Rated and Best Free iPad Apps you must have on your iPad in order to edit or share images/videos. You can save your device’s space by opening account at Photoshop.com and can upload images or video files upto 2 GB. You can perform basic editing tasks like cropping, rotating, flipping of images as well as you can add effects like vibrant, pop, border, soft black and white, rainbow, etc. This app helps you to share, edit and host your image and video files.

If you are searching for best image editing tool with huge data base of effects, coloring options, filters, etc., then Adobe Photoshop Express is the best option. <Adobe Photoshop Express>

#15. AppShopper – Best Free iPad apps for Organizing your Apps

AppShopper - Top Free iPad apps

The prices and ratings of iPad/iPhone or any SmartPhone/Tablet apps keeps on changing. So, if you installed an application of initial version and you didn’t like it. While after update of that app, you might be missing something valuable that you are searching for. So, AppShooper is one such an important app that keeps track of price variations, offers, updates and many exciting options for you.

You’ll be able to keep track of various aspects like Popular Apps, Latest Apps, Wish List, Your Apps and many more by making your life pretty organized. It is one of the Top free iPad apps for buying latest applications. <AppShopper>

Comment below, if you think we missed some other important applications other than these, as we’ll be updating this list of Best Free iPad apps you must have regularly and your suggestions might help us to choose some of the best applications. Thus, these are the Top Free iPad apps you must have and we’ll come back with more apps in our updates, so stay tuned for our updates in this list of best free iPad apps you must have.

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  1. Thanks a lot for such an interesting article that managed to discover all the benefits of the iPad Apps. There is a plenty of them and sometimes it is just impossible to remember all that can be very useful in future that is why it is very suitable to have such a list with detailed descriptions.

  2. Another must have for any nerd is GoSkyWatch Planetarium. Despite the lengthy title, this is a sweet one. Basically you hold the iPad up to the night sky and the screen displays a virtual view of what you are seeing, allowing you to identify various planets, stars, and other astronomical bodies.

  3. From a sporting perspective, check out SportsTap. It’s everything you want to know about sporting events without having to listen to the pundits. Also, I use it as a TV Guide since it lists sporting events on given days, times and sometimes even the networks that carry them. Photo gallery is really cool too.

  4. I’m using Beesy. It costs few dollars but It will be interesting for managers like who want to save their time. It’s a good investment for me so far. goodproductivity app, one of the best for me.

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