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Top and Best Free Android Apps You Must Have [App Directory]

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top free android apps
In this article we are going to deal with Top Free Android Apps that you must have in your Android Device, as we’ve created the list of these Best Free Android apps according the user ratings, our personal experience as well as their functionality, importance and performance which makes them must have android apps for your devices. Android is the Latest trend setter with more than 9 Companies like Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, HTC, etc., are using in their Mobiles and also Google is regularly updating its OS which is making it the greatest competitor for Apple’s iDevices. The Major reason for Android Mobile to gain attention is due to its flexible nature and also special thanks for Android App creators.

We’ll be updating this list of “Best Free Android Apps you must have on your Android Device” regularly. So, stay tuned for trying out some of the Top Free Android Apps in the market.

Without the Android Apps, it might not be as easy for them to hold the grip in today’s market. So, its proved that Android Apps have played crucial role in enhancing the usability of the Smart Phones. Currently these are Millions of Paid and Free Android Apps available. But, in this article we are focusing on Top Free Android Apps that your Smart Phone must have. We have made the list of best free Android Apps that enhances your Smart Phone experience. So, what are you waiting for. Lets jump into best free android apps.

Brief List of Top and Best Free Android Apps

  1. Best Free Android Apps
    Google Voice
  2. Amazon Kindle
  3. EverNote
  4. WordPress
  5. DropBox
  6. Phone Book
  7. QuickPic
  8. PicSay Lite
  9. Arcus Dictionary
  10. QQPlayer
  11. Facebook for Android
  12. TwiDroid
  13. TeamViewer
  14. Documents To Go
  15. AnyPost

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Best Free Android Apps

Best Free Android Apps

Best Free Android Apps you Must Have

#1. Google Voice – Must Have Android Apps for Sending Free Text 

Google Voice - Best Free Android Apps

Google voice is one of the Major Application in Android mobiles, as it takes control of your device. Google voice is one of the Top Free Android Apps that provides the user with a personal phone number which allows you to use this number to make calls or to send SMS messages via internet. Google Voice Application is used by over 4 million android users, allowing us to read transcripts as well as to listen to the Voice mails. This is one of the Best Free Android Apps that you must have for sending free texts. This Application is currently available only in USA and this app received 4.3 rating on Android Market.

#2. Amazon Kindle – Best Free Android Apps for E-Reader

Amazon Kindle - Must have Android Apps
Amazon Kindle is one of the best e-book reader for your Android Device and I always dream to have Kindle app with me. But no more, since Amazon Kindle App is turned as free app in the Android Market which makes it one of  the best free android apps you must have. Amazon Kindle is one among the Top free android apps available enabling you to read e-books as well as you can also shop your favorite books and also you can make use of built in Dictionary in this app which takes your Android Device to next level. It is must have android apps for you, if you are a regular traveler and it lets to you sync the books across your devices like Android, PC, iPhone, Blackberry etc.

#3. EverNote – Top Free Android Apps to Organize your Tasks

Evernote - Top Free Android Apps
Evernote switches your Android Device as extension to your brain. This is one of the Top Free Android Apps, that allows you to create the list of notes, ideas on your phone quickly as well as easily. You can type notes, take pictures, Record, and also sync with your PC or other Mobile Devices. According to me, Evernote is the Best Free Android Apps that you can have in your Android Device which allows us to keep track of almost everything from finance bills to price details on e-commerce sites. Android users rated 4.6 for this application and this app is downloaded over 3.5 million android users explains you the importance of this application.

#4. WordPress – Best Free Android Apps for Blogging

WordPress is one of the Best Blogging platforms and now we are having this ultimate CMS, which allows us to blog from our Devices and with this app we can perform almost all tasks like Write Posts, Edit Posts, Managing Comments. This is one of the Top Free Android Apps that Every Blogger Must have in their Device. You can also view stats as this best free android apps is compatible of both WordPress.com and Self-Hosted WordPress blogs. It received over 4.3 user rating in Android Market and it is used by over 1 million Android Users.

#5. DropBox – Top Free Android Apps for File Sharing

Dropbox - Top Free Android Apps
Dropbox is one of the excitingly Best Free Android Apps which automatically synchronizes folder of files between Multiple Systems using Cloud Service and this Dropbox app for Android Devices allows you to interact with other apps to access files. This is must have Android Apps for your Android Phones. It just brings everything like your photos, files, documents, videos by using its sync feature, no matter where you are. You can also share your files with your dear ones. This Top Free Android Apps received 4.6 user rating at Android Market and it is used by over 1 million users across the world.

#6. Phonebook – Must have Android Apps for Organizing Contacts

Phonebook - Top Free Android Apps
Phonebook is probably the one of the Best Free Android Apps for managing your contacts. It is loaded with some of the exciting features like displaying pictures of contacts, viewing as well as managing contacts, Birthday reminder, Missed calls, unread messages, and Social Networking feeds. This is one of the Top Free Android Apps for managing our Contacts in Android Device. Though, the user ratings of this apps in just above average in the android market pointing at 3.5, but we believe that this is one of the best application available for organizing your contacts.

#7. QuickPic – Top Free Android Apps for Photographers

QuickPic - Best Free Android Apps
QuickPic is one of the Best Free Android Apps for Image Viewing. It is quick and gives us the thumbnails with high-resolution which exactly matches your screen. The Speed of browsing allowing us to view large number of images, exclude or include folders options and privacy settings as well including these few exciting features like setting wallpapers, cropping, sharing, single/double tap to zoom and many more. According to me QuickPic is the must have android apps for photographers. Most of the android users simply loved this app as this received 4.7 rating in the Android market and it is used by over half a million android users.

#8. PicSay Lite – Best Free Android Apps for Photo Editing

PicSay - Top free android apps
PicSay is one of the Top Free Android Apps for enhancing your Photo Editing experience in android device. Its available in both free(PicSay Lite) and premium(PicSay Pro) versions and is a award winning photo editing Android App allowing you to perform tasks like color your pictures, adding balloons, graphical effects like distortion and also it’s great fun to use these kind of tools. This is must have android apps for photo editing. So, if you are serious about photo editing apps and looking for some of the best free android apps for photo editing works like special effects, stickers, coloring, addition tools, then PicSay is one such an application you must be looking for.

#9. Arcus Dictionary – Top Free Android Apps for Learners

Arcus - Must have android apps
Arcus Dictionary is one of the Best Free Android Apps that is quick and ad-free dictionary which is loaded with over 1,65,000 words, synonyms, examples, supports text to speech as well and many more. Its the best Free dictionary app encrypted in Android Device and must have android apps for learners. Well you need to have Wi-Fi connectivity in order to check meanings, grammar suggestions etc. while this 6.2 MB application brings everything on to your device and you can enjoy everything without Wi-Fi which makes it one of the Top free android apps you must have, if you are in need of synonyms, antonyms etc.

#10. QQPlayer – Top free Android apps for Music

OOPlayer - Must Have Android Apps
QQPlayer is one of the Best Free Android Apps in Media Player category. QQPlayer is one of the best video player that supports all popular formats like AVI, MP3, MP4, MOV, and many more exciting features like volume adjuster on your screen and also zoom button for clear view. It even supports the SRT, SMI subtitle plug-in as well as MKV subtitle embeded options. Its loaded with smart auto detecting system making is one of the most intelligent application for your Android device allowing it to detect video formats and make it run pretty smoothly with great quality. It is one of the must have Top free Android application for Media player with greatest possible functionality.

#11. Facebook for Android – Best Free Android Apps for Facebook Freaks

Facebook - Top Free Android Apps
Facebook for android app is one of the Top Free Android Apps which allows us to post on walls, send PM, Sharing, Commenting, Checking news feed, Chatting with friends and many more tasks can be done. Almost 80% of tasks that can be experienced on your Android Device with this Facebook for Android App. If you are a Facebook freak, then its must have android apps for your device. Facebook being one of the Top Social Networking site makes your day which created a huge scope to stay connected with 5 million Facebook friends. Over 3 million Android users downloaded this app and rated 3.6 in the android market. We suggest you to try this Facebook’s best free android apps, if you are Facebook addict.

#12. TwiDroyd – Must Have Android Apps for Twitter Freaks

twitdroyd - Best Free Android Apps
Twidroyd is the Twitter app for your Android Device which is available in both free and Pro versions. It is currently available for UberSocial for Android. You can perform all sorts of thing that you do on twitter like Tweeting, Sending PMs, Following and Unfollowing users, URL shortening, and many more. This is one of the Best Free Android Apps to experience Twitter in your Android Device. You can log into multiple twitter accounts, thread conversation view, retweets, list viewing, searching and many more which makes it one of the Top free Android Apps if you are a Twitter Freak.

#13. TeamViewer – Best Free Android Apps for Remote Access

Teamviewer - Must Have Android Apps
TeamViewer is one of the Top Free Android Apps that helps you to access your computers  remotely from your Android Device. It allows you to give immediate support, access client’s PC from your Device, and its completely free to use software. It is the must have android apps for remote accessing. Some of the exciting features like zooming, complete control, quality and screen adjustments, you can also access this application while attending phone calls and make more exciting featues makes it one of the best free android apps for remote access and support.

#14. Documents To Go – Top Free Android Apps for Office Documents 

Documents - Top Free Android Apps
If you are looking for Office documents like Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point files, then this is one of the best free android apps you must be searching for. You can create, edit, view the Word, Excel or Powerpoint docs and even edit your files from your Google docs. You can also transfer your docs from your PC to Android device over USB. It is downloaded in over 1 million android devices and it received 4.2 rating in android market. So, get Documents to Go 3.0 now from Android Market.

#15. AnyPost – Best Free Android Apps for Social Media Addicts

AnyPost - Best Free android apps
AnyPost is one of the top free android apps for the Social Media addicts, that is loaded with Ping.fm client which automatically syncs with Ping.fm account. You’ll get access to popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Hi5, Plurk and many more. You can perform many other tasks like uploading photos, status updating and many more. This is available in free and premium versions. Thus, if you are searching for some all-in one social networking sites, AnyPost is one of the best free android apps that you must be searching for.

Thus this is our list of 15 Top and Best Free Android Apps you must have in order to experience the ultimate power of your Android Device which helps you to organize, entertain, reading, e-booking, managing, support and many exciting elements taking your smartphone experience to next level. Stay tuned, we’ll be updating this list regularly.

Hope you enjoyed Reading Top 15 Best Free Android Apps you Must have in your device.

Siddartha is a Blogger from India. He is currently working as a Java Front End developer and he loves writing about tutorials, technology, algorithm, etc. You can follow him on Twitter | Facebook | Google+. You can subscribe to GadgetCage RSS Feed or Email Notifications.

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  1. PicSay Lite is good fun, teens usually go for the apps that offer addiction and stimulation at the same time and this app has these elements. On the whole the list that you have provided is very cool. Thanks

  2. App Killers are useless with any phone running android 2.2 or 2.3 (honeycomb or gingerbread) DO NOT USE THEM! They will chew your battery up.

  3. I haven’t had a chance to use Android yet, but now I know that what I’m missing. I’ll try getting an Android phone first and then check this post again. In the meantime any recommendation for Android phones?


  4. Facebook for android and WordPress apps are my main applications :). However the facebook is very buggy and confusing at times. Thanks for the awesome post

  5. I am hoping to get a nice Android smartphone. Don’t want to miss out on lots of cool and exciting apps available on the Android.

    Currently I’m using a Bada OS phone, an Android OS derivative. Though it is good it is still not as excellent as the Original Android yet.

  6. Nice list. I use MedDose – medication reminder. it’s for free. Nice app. Reminders work great. I use it daily. You can find it on android market

  7. sonam upadhyay

    good collection almost covered all good apps…i prefer dropbox, documents to do, evernote n kindle… further adding to your list i like mintm… the best shopping app which adds value to our shopping n window shopping as well… check it out… mintm available in google play.

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