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Top 6 iPhone Accessories for Better Photography

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iPhone users with a streak for photography can now celebrate. There is a decent number of add-on gadgets specifically meant for photography. These gadgets have become a craze and made a good place for themselves amongst iPhone users.

It is great using these photo apps in order to get good results from the smartphone cameras, but in case you haven’t taken good enough pictures, there is only so much editing that you can do with a badly taken shot so as to save the day.

Let’s take a look at some photography gadgets that will be a photographer’s delight:

1. Olloclip: This famous accessory with users of iPhone 5 will soon be available for iPhone 6 as well. For the unacquainted, Olloclip is a 4-in-one slide-on camera lens. There are a large number of photograph enthusiasts who are keen on making use of camera abilities of iPhone in order to take better pictures.

top 6 iPhone accessories

The main disadvantages of smartphone are the picture quality that looks grainy and a digital zoom that doesn’t work too well. This is overcome by this gadget and it does so with its macro zoom of 10x and 15x, great wide-angle lenses, and fish eye. The brand new iPhone 6 Olloclip lenses launched just a week back.

2. Quadlock Tripod: iPhone photographers can take up the next level of photographing with this cool tripod –Quadlock. This can also double up as a docking station for industry level tripods and protective case. The docking station connects the tripod and the phone and also acts as a point of contact for Quadlock gadget like a car mount and armband.

top 6 iPhone accessories

3. iPhone Rangefinder and Lens kit: This RangeFinder case does not just have a viewfinder and an actual shutter button, but also makes your iPhone look a lot like a retro camera. This also has aperture numbers. The best features of this gadget are the snap-on telephoto, fisheye lens, and magnetic lens system.

top 6 iPhone accessories

4. Glif: It has 2 unbeatable functions – attaching to a usual tripod and a prop that will let you put it on a table, wall or desk when taking pictures. It is made of a rubberised plastic and is tiny enough to slip into your bag or even in your pocket.

top 6 iPhone accessories

5. PhotoJojo Telephoto Lens: This lens makes your iPhone look like it sprouted a nose, but gives your camera an optical zoom of 8x and also has a focus ring that is manually operated. This lens comes with an iPhone case, which will keep it fixed and the set also includes a cleaning material and a table top tripod.

top 6 iPhone accessories

6. Holge iPhone Lens Filter Kit: The lens of the Holga kit can slip on the phone much like a case and will provide the user with filters up to 8 in number. You can just rotate the dial in order to switch between them.

top 6 iPhone accessories

Get your hands on these awesome photographic accessories and see how much more your iPhone can do!

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