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Top 5 Watches for Pro Designers

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We present here 5 of the top timepieces that are recommended and loved by wrist watch enthusiasts around the globe and are also the chosen ones by some of the pro designers around the globe. These watches can seamlessly give a new twist to your wrist. Be it their style, features, brand and history, watches have always been very personal. But above all, it is the looks of the watch that make it stand out.

1. Aark Collective Iconic Graphite: At $379 it is a beauty of a wrist watch. The face details are of special importance. All the chronograph functions are housed in different elements including an acid-etched circle for 60 seconds, diamond for 60 minutes and hexagon for 24 hours. There is a rotating bezel, which is complemented with a very attractive Italian calfskin band of 3mm.

top 5 watches for pro designers

2. Mondaine Official Swiss Railways Watch: There are various models under this brand name and the price also varies starting at £159. The watch was first released back in 1986 and was based on 1944 Official Swiss Railways Clock by Hans Hilfiger. That said, the watch still looks as stylish as it always did. Three popular collections available include Stop2go, the Classic and the very attractive the Simply Elegant.
top 5 watches for pro designers

3. SuuntoElementum Terra: This is an out and out sporty watch with tons of cracking features and streamlined look. Now you may not go sporting or trekking every single day but it will still go elegantly with whatever your day job is. The most noticeable feature is a very unique 3D compass, which gives an accurate reading of compass. List of features also include a barometer and an altimeter.
top 5 watches for pro designers

4. Mr Jones the Last Laugh Tattoo Edition:This is a watch with lot of substance and difference. It also features a very special artwork by the famous British tattoo artist Adrian Willard. The striking face of the watch is coupled with a strap made of black leather, which comes with turquoise stitching detail.
top 5 watches for pro designers

5. NookaZex Night: This is easily the most unconventional watch in this whole list. The super stylish watch appears like an emoticon from a distance. But when you take a look at it closely you see a very cool watch face that has a lot of snob factor. It is a big timepiece but at 53mm. The ones looking for a smaller design can also opt for Zex 45 Night.
top 5 watches for pro designers

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