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Top 5 Upcoming Gadgets of 2015

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The fast approaching New Year looks great when it comes to smart phones. It promises us devices, which would probably come with faster performance, improved looks, better images, and batteries that could work longer.
Next year also initiates the transition to 64-bit for Android and Qualcomm has taken up the challenge with a more comprehensive line of 64-bit chips, which covers everything right from high to low-end and also in between. Many of the upcoming flagships would be powered by snapdragon 810, leading to impressive features such as fast processing, better clock speeds, Adreno 430 graphics, and also LPDDR4 RAM support.

However, this just marks the smallest bit of what we are expecting to see in smart phone range of 2015. Let us wait and see what comes in our way.

• OnePlus Two

top 5 upcoming gadgets of 2015

OnePlus Two was launched early in 2014, proving that the makers of Chinese smart phones can do so much, which might seem impossible like placing true flagship-grade specifications in a smart phone and adorn those specs with a mid-range price. The company is an Oppo’s spin-off and is expected to be released in the month of April 2015.

• Moto X(2015 Edition)

top 5 upcoming gadgets of 2015

Moto X began a whole new journey of Motorola under Google’s tag in 2013 and even if it wasn’t a technology wonder, it did extend tons of great customization options. In the year 2014, two major things took place with Motorola- the 2014 edition of Moto X proved that Google does learn from all its mistakes, which is why it fixed the problems on the Moto flagship and bringing it on to a whole new level and later Motorola was acquired by Lenovo. The 2015 edition is expected to release in September 2015.

• Microsoft Lumia 2020 Pure View

top 5 upcoming gadgets of 2015

The successor of Nokia Lumia is highly awaited by mobile enthusiasts everywhere for over a year now. The 2013 flagship model of Nokia still holds an unmatched camera performance. In 2014, the only thing that Microsoft strongly focused on was the Windows 8.1 update and based on just this software, Lumia 2020 is truly highly anticipated. It is expected to release in spring.

• Sony Xperia Z4

top 5 upcoming gadgets of 2015

Another eagerly anticipated device by Sony is its Xperia Z4. It’s rumored that Sony would go for a larger than ever screen with a 5.5 inch display and also a Quad HD resolution in order to match the latest trend. Also, the company should focus a little more on improving its camera interface as with a better camera and 64-bit Snapdragon 810, this phone could be a true rival to all existing flagships. It is expected to release in late February.

• Xiaomi Mi 5

top 5 upcoming gadgets of 2015

Xiaomi has become the largest phone seller in China in just a year’s span and has also enjoyed a position in the top 3 of the world biggest smart phone makers for the year 2014. The highly anticipated device by Xiaomi for the year 2015 is Xiaomi Mi5, which is expected to be sold with a price half of all its rival flagships and all this with the latest and best specs in an appealing package. It is expected to release in July 2015.

These 5 gadgets are the most anticipated electronic devices for the year 2015, which all mobile enthusiasts all around the globe await.

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