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Top 5 Twitter Analysis Tools: That You Must Try!

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In this article, we are going to deal with Top Twitter Analysis Tools that help you to trace the cons and pros of your regular tweets in order to stay focused among your Twitter Followers. Twitter is the word that doesn’t need any kind of introduction in the world of internet.

Its been crossing the records and even making the new records in the web mania. Analysts predict that over 150 million tweets were been tweeted in Twitter everyday. Though the number looks to be bit funny, but the actual records showing that over 100 million tweets were been tweeted everyday. Shocking isn’t it?

As a result of bagging this kind of popularity, many entrepreneurs and developers were been concentrating on the Twitter tools. These tools were also one of the reason for twitter to stay on the top.

Top 5 Twitter Analysis tools. Lets check them out

  1. Twitter Grader
  2. Tweet Stats
  3. Mr.Milestone
  4. Tweet Rank
  5. Tweet Wasters
  6. Bonus : Retweet Rank

#1. Twitter Grader

  • Its a free tool to measure you power and reach on twitter.
  • This tools also allows you to compare with millions of users in the worlds using twitter who were also graded.
  • The only thing that you need to do here is, just enter your twitter username it will give the instant report of your power and grade.
  • You can follow the Twitter Grader on twitter too.


#2. Tweet Stats

  • If you love to check stats and graphs of your tweets in the twitter, this is the tool that is going to make its impact.
  • This tool generates the stats and graphs that which can generate the report based on number of tweets per hour, number of tweets per month, tweet timeline, reply stats. Its been used by over 1,00,000 twitter users.
  • You can follow Tweet Stats on Twitter too.


#3. Mr.Milestone

  • Mr.Milestone will send you a tweet if you have reaches 100 followers, 200 followers, 300 followers, (every 100 followers).
  • It sends you the tweet for every 100 followers.
  • When you his a milestone you will receive a tweet “@username Congrats! You just reached 200 followers!!
  • You can follow Mr.Milestone on Twitter too.


#4. Tweet Wasters

  • This is an interesting tool that helps you to find how much time you and other users waste on twitter.
  • It provides you graph and helps you to work productively.


#5. Retweet Rank

  • This gives us the whole database of how many Retweets you or your friends have.
  • Based on the number of retweets it gives you the rank.
  • You can follow Retweet Rank on Twitter too.


Hope, you’ve liked our article on 5 Best Twitter Analysis Tools that help you to enhance your Twitter Profile for more productive usage.

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  1. Very useful tools. I tried a few of them and they seem really interesting. It handy to have the metrics because it gives you an idea what people are into and if your tweets are successful in reaching lots of people.

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