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Top 5 Travel Apps for Android

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Having a good travel app on your phone is a must before you head on a vacation next time. You can now make the best choices about airfares, hotels, places to eat, see and shop, every time you are on a trip all thanks to these innovative app. Here are the top travel apps for Android which promise to remove the confusion quotient from your tour in India. We’ve genuinely focused on Travel apps that you require in your Android mobile, if you are planning your trip to India.

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Top 5 Travel Apps for Android Mobile.

1. ixigo – Indian rail app

This app is a must have when travelling by trains in India. With this app, you can search for trains between destinations, check real-time availability for over 2500+ trains running under the Indian Railways! What’s more, you can also find trains with train numbers and names, train running status, browse through routes of all trains to choose the most convenient option! What makes it the best Train app on android is the quick PNR status updates along with the seat/berth maps to find convenient seat!

2. AroundMe

This location specific travel app may sound a little creepy, but is definitely the best when it comes to discovering new places when you travel. Whether it is a bar, movie theatre, bank, hotel, hospital, taxi depot, restaurant or supermarket, this intelligent app quickly scans it all to present to you the best options in your selected category, along with the direction and distance of each option from your location! Move away, confusion about dining and clubbing options!

3. Make My Trip

Who doesn’t like to save a penny or two on their travel? This app offers you the convenience of searching, choosing and booking the cheapest flight fares and hotel deals, right from your smartphone. What’s more, it also saves traveller details, so that you don’t have to make the effort of keying in information every time you travel! With this travel app on your phone, say bye bye to booking blues!

4. Expensify

Expensify is one of the best travel applications that you can come across. It can be used by salespersons, business travellers, companies in order to create the expense reports that doesn’t suck. You can scan the receipts, enter time and distance for accurate calculations, sync you credit/debits cards, currency compatibility, offline mode and many other features makes it one of the handy application.

5. Trip Advisor

If you like to go by what other’s say, this travel app is your saviour. With millions of reviews, photos, tips and maps, Trip Advisor makes for a great trip planning app. It lists the lowest airfare, best hotels, great restaurants, and fun things to do, wherever you go. One of the recent additions to the app is booking your hotel, restaurant and flights basis the reviews with just one touch.

Take a pick from the top 5 travel apps and travel smart! With these free apps on your android smartphone, your travel blues will become a thing of the past.

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