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Top 5 Technologies That Will Change Car Travel

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On an average, a user spends 3 hours per day travelling. Some people find this travel duration to be extremely boring and tiring. The mode of transportation has changed a lot since its inception and now we are living in a world where every vehicle will be connected for a better mode of transportation. Here is a list of top 5 gadgets that will change the very basics of car travel.

• Navdy

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Welcome the future with this amazing transparent display that projects on the wind screen of your vehicle through a vehicle because when you are focusing on the road you cannot focus on the phone. With this amazing feature, the number of traffic accidents can be reduced. It works with your iPhone and Android phone. With crazy features like touch-less gestures and voice recognition, Navdy is changing the car communication scenario. The features include notifications that can be displayed on the screen and read aloud with parental control to keep kids safe.

• Car IQ

technologies changes car travel

It is a start-up in connected car field where a device is attached to a vehicle and that device is once again connected to the internet or a server. The device sends all sorts of car data to the cloud or server, where it is interpreted to optimise the performance and check errors in the car with diagnostic information. Car IQ sports super crazy features like telling a user about the health of a car, location of the car, service reminders, keeping a track of how car is driven, engine performance and sharing all these details with professionals and friends over the internet.

• Audi Glosa

5 technologies will change car travel

It is a feature, which gives information about traffic lights to the user. With this feature, the app tells a user the timings of traffic light so that they can change their speed accordingly. This way, they don’t have to stop at any traffic signal. This feature is an extraordinary aspect helping users to save fuel and time up to 20%. Audi is testing this feature in European countries and is getting good results for the same. There are many glitches in the software still and they are in the testing phase as of now. Once this technology enters the market, it will help in modern mode of transportation and number of traffic jams.

• Driverless Cars

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Google, Tesla, and now Apple are fighting for this next generation big thing. Driverless cars will have a huge impact on the population. Slowly and steadily a new type of hardware and software is being developed so that from now on we don’t have to drive a car. Computers will take over the mode of transportation.

Will all these technologies and gadgets, we are now moving towards a world where there will be less number of accidents and less traffic jams. Imagine a future where every car is connected. Technology will take over the world and connected cars will help technology rule the world.

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