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Cool Sundays : Top 5 Tech Discoveries of the Decade

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As we are on the edge of the year, Everybody is busy in analyzing their success and failures that they faced in this year 2010. Let us leave thinking about this year and start to think about the entire Decade from 2001-2010. Its been one of the most memorable decade in the history of man kind which is questioning his existence.

We have collected the Top 5 Technology Discoveries, Developments of this Decade which have definitely showed the impact on Human life style as these amendments were the major reason for improvement in our Lifestyle.

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The Technology is creeping to the next level, as it reflects and shows us the every reason that Mr.Genuis Einstein’s dream about finding our Future is not too far away from us. I think its really hard to pick the Top 5 Technology Discoveries of the entire decade, but I will definitely write another article with Top 25 Tech Discoveries of the Decade soon.

Here are the Top 5 Tech Discoveries of the Decade

#1. Apple iPhone and Other SmartPhones (Android, Symbian, Blackberry)


Apple iPhone, the revolutionary SmartPhone which is said to be Β the Gadget that which has changed the real meaning of Mobile Phone. As people used Mobiles only for Talking and few Multimedia oriented works, but its the Apple’s iPhone which really changed the protocols and removed the boundaries and it is the SmartPhone that which had laid the path for next Generation Mobile Phones(SmartPhones)

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#2. Youtube – The Ultimate Video Sharing Site


The Best Online Video Sharing site, which showed the World Wide Web a new Dimension. You can learn everything from Baby Care to How to Ride an Aero-plane with Youtube. Youtube is the Entire portal that which shows us the mirror of our life experiences to/with others as its considered as one of the major Video sharing site in the World Today.

#3. Windows 7, Mac OS, Ubuntu

Operating Systems

The Operating Systems were considered as the Major Functioning unit of our PCs, Laptops, Notebooks or Netbooks. As a result, choosing the perfect OS for our systems will alway plays a major role in the performance of our systems. Operating Systems like Windows, MAC and Linux were the leading Operating Systems in the Market over a decade.

#4. Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace


Orkut is one of the Major Social networking site which is currently loosing its prominence and i still believe that Orkut is the one of the major site that laid the platform for other Social Networking as well as Social Bookmarking sites.

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#5. Whole Lots of 3-D elements like 3-D Camcorders, 3-D Camera, 3-D Television and Other 3-D stuff

3D Gadgets

Introducing you the new and exciting experience of watching the Videos, Gaming and other visionary effects the New Dimension with 3-D. Many latest visionary effects that provided us the eye-feast and are made possible with the 3-D graphics.

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