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Top 5 Major iPhone 4 Problems

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In this post, we are going to deal with 5 iPhone 4 problems. iPhone 4 is one of the Top Selling smartphone from Apple, despite rumors looming in the market that there is going to be the release of iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. Whatever may be the news is, iPhone 4 though being advanced in technology, has its own disadvantages.

Here we will discuss a few of these disadvantages. Initially upon the release of iPhone 4 they faced a number of issues and one of the worth mentioning problem was the antenna issue. Let us explore some of the problems prevalent in iPhone 4, which could be rectified in one of the forthcoming models.

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iPhone 4 Problems 1: Case scratches easily

  • The iPhone 4 cases are not made of scratch-proof material, that this is easily prone to get scratches making your phone look old and outdated.
  • The phone is very delicate and has to be handled with great care.
  • If the scratches are deep, this can make the phone brittle and causing a great loss to you.
  • Be careful that you do not drop your iPhone next time.
  • Every time when you are dropping your iPhone, you are risking your iPhone of being broken sooner.

Problem 2: Poor reception:

  • The location of the iPhone 4’s antenna is in the wrong place where you tend to place your thumb.
  • This was the gravest mistake that made a big hue and cry amongst the iPhone 4 users finding that this interfering with the reception of signals by the antenna and increased rate of dropping calls.
  • The best way to get rid of the problem is either to hold the iPhone 4 as directed by Apple or to buy and use the case that iPhone 4 is selling to temporarily sort out the problem.
  • They even had to hold a meeting to deal with this issue, and the unforgettable legend of Apple, Steve Jobs, did his job well.


Problem 3: Camera malfunctions:

  • A set of users has been complaining recently that with time the iPhone 4’s rear facing camera malfunctions and the shutter fails to open while accessing the camera via the camera app or any other camera using app like Facebook.
  • There is some problem with the software of the shutter graphics, which is locked up and creates a hardware malfunction.

Problem 4: Yellow Discoloration on the Screen:

  • Some of the users have reported that there is appearance of yellow discoloration on the screen, which makes the appearance and causes a dent in the resolution of the iPhone.
  • This makes your iPhone looks out dated, dull and obsolete.

Problem 5: Delays:

  • This is one of the greatest hype in which Apple failed, owing the blame to technological problems.
  • The issue is the release of the much anticipated white iPhone 4, which kept on prolonging and finally they came up with an inference that designing the outer case of the white iPhone 4 is a very hard job and causes technological difficulties, which also they somehow managed to overcome finally with something white in hand.

Thus these are the 5 major problems that you’ll face with your iPhone 4 mobile and of course each of these problems were strongly answered with their latest update iPhone 4S, with greatest possible enhancements. Hope you enjoyed our article on Major iPhone 4 problems.

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12 Comments to Top 5 Major iPhone 4 Problems

  1. Well, I only knew about famous AntennaGate problem which is now solved in iPhone 4S but the successor now faces Battery life problems. No matter, how hard you try, problems persists but still Apple strives to be perfect.

    • Yea buddy, Even I’m aware of Antennagate problem as well as the Camera Element, I must admit that Author did a great job in making folks aware of the problems they’ll face.

      Thanks Praveen for awesome article!

  2. One of the main problems I was having is reception issues in elevators and basements. The call would get dropped whenever I went into those places as well as some malls sometimes.


    • You know no matter what phone I have had stores like Costco always make my phone act funny. I think a lot of phones still have problems in elevators no matter what phone you have.

  3. It was for those exact reason why i didn’t get one. I ended up purchasing an LG Revolution and I love it. Not only is is it 4G but it works great and haven’t had a problem. I am hoping I don’t need to upgrade anytime soon as i opted to get a 4G phone. Great review.

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