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Top 5 Gadgets of 2014 That Gadget Freaks Would Love to Own

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As the year 2014 is approaching its end, it will be worth to look back and see what all new innovative technologies have been gifted by this year. The year performed great in terms of offering some mind-blowing designer gadgets.

Whether it is cool cameras or interesting wearable tech, this list will surely tempt you to own these tech devices. With thousands of brilliant gadgets around, the following list compiles the best 5 picks of 2014.

1. Poloroid Social Matic: This attractive piece of gadget resembles the camera icon of the popular social media app Instagram. Launched in the Consumer Electronics Show 2014, Las Vegas, it grabbed all the attention. The camera comes with Android support facilitating sharing the shots directly in social networking sites with ease.

top 5 gadgets of 2014

Social Matic features 14 megapixel front camera and 2 megapixel rear with a 4.5 inch touchscreen and in-built Wi-Fi. And, the most exciting feature of Social Matic is that you can take a 2 x 3 inch print of your snaps on Zink Paper or Zero Ink Paper. So, know why it is a modern age Polaroid.

2. Pebble Steel: People’s inclination towards wearable technologies is increasing rapidly and thus 2014 was a year of lot of new wearable technology gadgets. Yes, we have come across some brilliant smartwatches by Samsung and Sony, but Pebble Steel is the winner in its genre. This cool watch enables you to take calls, tune in music, read messages, and enjoy lot of useful apps that you get from a smart phone. The steel-made gadget looks really trendy with its leather strap.

top 5 gadgets of 2014

3. LaCie Christofle Sphere: A hard drive like LaCie is irresistible. It is designed for high-end computers like Apple and is not compatible with all computers. The sphere shape of the gadget is silver plated and designed by Christofle, which is an eminent silversmith. This head-turning technology comes with 1 TB storage capacity and USB 3. As much as it is beautiful, it is equally useful.

top 5 gadgets of 2014

4. Wellograph: Yet another wearable gadget for fitness conscious people, Wellograph is a tracker that records and displays your everyday activities. It also monitors the heart rate with a live watch that gives time to time information about your activities. The design and leather finish is extremely stylish, but the most noteworthy feature is how the data is displayed in the screen including pulse, steps, workout, fitness, and others through brilliant infographics. The device will also poke you if you have remained idle for a long time.

top 5 gadgets of 2014

5. Panono Camera: This list would be incomplete without the mention of Panono camera. It is a ball shape device with 36 built-in cameras. Now the most amazing thing about Panono is the way it captures images. You need to throw the ball in the air, which will enable the accelerometer present inside the device. The accelerometer will measure the launch acceleration and calculate the highest point the ball device would reach.

top 5 gadgets of 2014

Once the camera reaches that height it triggers all 36 cameras and shots are taken. This means you get a 360 degree capture of the moment. Now, isn’t that super cool!

While there are many other amazing gadgets that have created enough buzz in the technology world, the above 5 are the most popular ones.

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