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Top 5 Best File Sharing Websites

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file sharing websites
In this post, we are going to deal with Top 5 File Sharing Websites. Internet is one of the best ways through which information can be retrieved. There are a number of websites that are available for our help. Sites such as Google have become synonymous with search and retrieval of information on the internet.

Here we discuss some of the best file sharing websites that are available on the internet. These sites allow you to earn money if you upload your files on their servers and then bring in suitable amount of traffic that downloads your files from them.

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5 Best File Sharing Websites

#1. YouSendIt
When I wrote this article, I wasn’t aware about You send it and I missed it. It is the best file sharing service I have seen in my life. You can also sign up for free and try out this service.

#2. 4Shared

This website is my personal favourite. The website also allows you to upload your files. The website gives you 5 GB of free online storage and if you want more then you can opt for their premium plans. The site also allows only single download at a time for free users and multiple files download along with ten times more bandwidth allocation for premium users. There is a chrome extension that has been made so that you can search for files easily. The website has also starting to host various apps for mobiles which users can download easily using WAP and GPRS.

#3. Ziddu

This is one of the leading websites that pay for each download of your file. The site allows you to have a single account from where you can upload unlimited amount of data. For every download you will be paid at least $0.50. You can also refer your friends and earn a commission also. It is suggested as one of the Top File Sharing Websites around the world.

#4. Rapidshare

This is one of the popular websites that offer paid as well free file storage and management. Along with this you will be given facility of file backup and protection. The website has built its own search engine so that files can be indexed easily and can be retrieved suitably. The site gives up to 10 times more bandwidth to its premium users as compared to the free users. You have to wait for some time before you can download file from them. Well, you don’t actually need any doubt to place this in one of the Top file sharing websites list.

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Best File Sharing Websites

#5. Hotfile

This is another safe and reliable option of sharing your files on the internet. This website also pays its users for the downloads that will be done by your friends and other users. The website also has its own ranking system that ranks the users according to the various parameters. The members are rated as Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. For every download you can get anything between $0.002 and $0.015 per download.

#6. SendSpace

This is another excellent file sharing and hosting service. The website allows you to login to their system using the OpenID. This OpenID is capable of logging you in various sites simultaneously without any need to filling in your credentials every time. The site wizard is simple and easy to use that makes the file uploading and sharing a breeze. The website is free from any pop ads and spyware that might get attached to the file. The website is capable of pausing and resuming download. Another feather in the cap is its download accelerator that can improve the download speeds.

Thus, these are the 5 best File Sharing Websites for you to share or to download files.

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17 Comments to Top 5 Best File Sharing Websites

  1. The site ziddu.com generated a lot of interest in me. When they are offering earnings for every downloads how come other competitors are not entering the same league.

  2. Wow, I was just looking for for some file sharing websites, so lucky to stumble upon this post! I knew only Rapidshare from this list and I don’t like it, to tell the truth, but the others I’ll have to try out. Thanks anyway for the timely post! :)))

  3. File sharing web sites are play a very important role on internet. Today every work done on internet. With the help of file sharing web sites we can earn lots of money very easily. After upload your site on its server you can money.

  4. There’s a lot of file sharing websites such as rapidshare, megaupload, sendspace, badongo, yousendit etc etc etc. But I can never have a single central website to search for files uploaded on these websites. Please someone help me. Note: I’ve tried filespump.com and I hate the zango app.

  5. Was planning to start a sharing some important software and will use 4shared, I downloaded lots data from from it and had good experience with them

  6. Yes these are some good file sharing website but I personally like to use MediaFire because it is free to use and offer you unlimited downloading. Yes Ziddu offers and attractive package of paying $0.50 per download. I’ll give it a try soon. Thaks for the info

  7. For me, Rapidshare is dead. I would have listed Mediafire as #1 in the list followed by 4Shared and so on..
    I am talking as per downloader’s perspective and not uploader who get points or credits.

  8. I didn’t know some of these sites paid the users if their files got downloaded. No wonder people are so motivated to share on the web. That is a pretty good idea by them, for sure. Rapidshare and Sendspace don’t have waiting periods so that is a positive point for those two sites.


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    Hello Siddartha,

    Thanks for sharing these site for file sharing but i like Google Docs to share file online with my friends.

  10. Till now I used Mega Upload site for sharing my files.In addition we can upload videos and audio files in this site. I will try above mentioned sharing web site.Thanks for the information Siddartha.

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