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Top 5 Androids of the Year

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Since from the launch of Smartphones a couple of years ago they are now becoming the “Most Wanted” series among mobile phones. These smartphones that are complying with Google’s Android Operating System are most preferred compared to other smartphones, according to NPD Group of US. They had conducted a survey in the first quarter of 2010 and deduced the result. Apart from this, Blackberry OS and iphone OS are ranked first and third positions respectively.


So the Top 5  Android phones that are creating their hype in the mobile market are listed here

  1. Motorola Droid
  2. HTC Legend
  3. Nexus One
  4. Acer Stream
  5. Samsung Galaxy S

Lets check it out and vote your favorite!
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1. Motorola Droid

Motorola Droid is considered as the best alternative and perfect competition to Apple iphone. This phone has its origin in US which is distributed exclusively by Verizon Wireless.


  • This phone is equipped with 3.2 inch 854 x 480 full touch display.
  • It has 5 mega pixel low light capable camera.
  • Enriched with full Qwerty physical keypad .
  • Runs on Android version 2.1.
  • Comes with a 16 GB micro sd memory card.
  • Powered with ARM Cortex processor @ 600MHz. This is the same one used in both iphone 3GS and Omnia HD.

Motorola is treating this phone as a milestone to launch in India at the attractive price of around Rs.34000.

Motorola Milestone

2. HTC Legend

HTC Legend is the next version of  HTC Hero, which was one of the Top 5 smartphones of  the year 2009. Many improvements have been made to this one apart from Hero such as Optical Trackball, Aluminium body enclosure. Processing speed and RAM capacity have been improved in this model.


  • Toughest Smartphone with Aluminium casing.
  • Equipped with 3.2 inch AMOLED screen with same resolution as of iphone but with slighter decrease in size.
  • Includes Optical trackball to slide through the applications.
  • Increased processing speed and RAM capability.
  • Runs on Android version 2.1 (Eclair) while Hero runs on Android version 1.5 (Cupcake).

This model is launched in April 2010 which is available at the pricing of 25990 bucks.

Milled aluminum

3. Nexus One

This Smartphone is the much awaited one this year by Google. This is also named as “HTC Passion” as it is developed by HTC. Nexus One also runs on Android platform and is distributed by T-Mobile and AT&T networks In US.


  • It has 3.7 inch AMOLED screen with PenTile matrix pixel arrangement.
  • 5 mega pixel camera with auto-focus, LED flash and digital zoom.
  • Equipped with GPS receiver.
  • Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR and 802.11 b/g wi-fi capabilities.
  • It has Snapdragon processor which includes advanced features such as 720p video playback.

Google doesn’t launch Nexus One in India officially but one can purchase it online at the price of 34000 bucks.

(19/365) Do I miss my iPhone? One week of Google Nexus One.

4. Acer Stream

Acer is new one in the stream of Smartphones but the fame and name of Acer in PCs and Laptops pushes its market here with top smartphone goers. Till now Acer launched only 2 smartphones Acer Liquid and Acer Liquid E. And the third and latest one is Stream. Acer Stream comes up with new improvements over is previous phones in many aspects.


  • It has a 3.7 inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen with 480 X 800 pixels resolution.
  • Runs on Android version 2.1 (Eclair).
  • Featured with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 1GHz processor which is capable of recording 720p video playback.
  • 5 mega pixel camera with optical zoom.
  • Comes up with built in 2GB memory with free 8GB micro sd card and with expandable memory upto 32GB.

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This device is not yet released in India and waiting for the date of announcement.


5. Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S is the latest release Smartphone which is Android based from Samsung. Compared to the previous versions of Samsung Android smart phones this one has much better advancements and improvements except for the Android version. It runs on Android 1.5 Cupcake like all its previous versions.


  • It has 4-inch AMOLED touchscreen which is capable of displaying 16 million colors.
  • 5 mega pixel camera with auto focus and optical zoom.
  • Equipped with ARM Cortex A8 processor of 1GHz processing speed.
  • Available in 8GB and 16 GB versions of internal memory capacity.

This smartphone is launched in India a very few days back and is available at the pricing range of 28000 bucks.



12 Comments to Top 5 Androids of the Year

  1. Siddartha

    @venu Nokia is still relying strongly on Mobiles, since its having great following in Mobile stream, I think its gonna be ready for Android field tooo, since its one of the company with vast experience

  2. Samsung Galaxy S is said to run on Android 2.1… now move it up to 1st place. And why is the HTC EVO not on this list??

    • Siddartha

      @Mohan Samsung is one of the Leading company in this market, But I love HTC of all 🙂

  3. One thing that I imagine hurts is the initial registration process to buy an app. With an iphone, one has already given their CC info to apple; with android, you must enter info the first time. I suspect that a higher percent of android users have never bought any apps than iphone apps.

  4. Hii guys actually these are the latest statistics jus 1 week ago..But by seeing these,I too disappointed bcoz many smartphones which have more attractions could not occupy the charts..

  5. And none of them actually could made it BIG, except the HTC Legend. Oh yes, Nexus One has been a BIG flop, if you ask me and ask Google! Google’s recent decision to stop selling Nexus One online is a proof of this.

    • Siddartha

      @TechChunks Ofcourse Google Android(Nexus) may be a flop show, But in future its going to rock for sure. I loved the concept they came with.

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