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Top 4 Google Gadgets to Explore That Make Our Life Easier Every Next Day

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Google, being a pioneer in the gizmo world, has regularly come up with innovative applications and gadgetries that have rocked the web world. These gadgets have left their footprints in vivid domains across the globe like marketing, business, entertainment, and many more. Here’s a listing of the top 5 Google gadgets that make your life easier.

Google Map Search

google maps

Google Map Search is a magnificent tool beneficial for those who love to travel. It’s a simple tool that will help you to check out the distances and other travel requirements without going away from the home page. The gadget is very helpful when you are looking for restaurants, theatres, markets, and other such places. The growing popularity of Google Map Search has made it to own a place among the top 5 gadgets in the digital world. It’s the best choice for tourists and travelling professionals.

Google News Feed

google news feed

It’s a productive tool that is meant to keep you updated about the most happening and fresh news the moment you install it on your blog or website. The motto of the online gadget is to bring the latest news from Google news on your homepage. Its USP is that it also asks you if you want to see any news story or elaborated summary relevant to your interest. The best part is that it’s so user friendly that you can do the settings so as to get only the news items as per your preference.

Google Translate My Page

google translate my page

This is a superb Google product; it helps in translating a page into multiple desired languages. Upon installing the tool, readers across the world speaking diverse languages can be part of your traffic as they can perceive the content in their native language. Isn’t it amazing? It’s one the most significant tools in the Google store and is responsible for increasing traffic on your blog from across the globe.

Weather Channel

weather channel

Weather is completely uncertain. It is something that is dynamic and may change at any point of time. So, just think how good it would be if we could access the current weather status just through a single click. It’s only possible if the Weather Channel Weather Reports are added to our blog or website. The best part is that it drags the detailed weather report of the location of which you have added the pin code to the gadget. Simply punch the pin code of the destination you are planning to visit; the complete weather details will be on your screen in just a flash of second. The helpfulness and ease of Weather Channel makes it the top gadget and most popular today among the world of techies.

Hope that the article has made you aware about the most popular Google gadgets that can make your life easier every day. So, what are you waiting for? Simply rush and explore the magic to make your life easier.

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