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Top 10 Searches of Bing in 2010

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In our Previous article, we have discussed about Top 10 Searches of Yahoo in 2010, in this we focus on Top 10 Searches of Bing in 2010.

As the end of the year creeping, the Web Giants Like Google(yet to reveal), Bing, Yahoo, AOL started releasing the interesting data. According to Various estimations by various Web Giants, these were Top searches in web search engines for the year 2010. In the year 2009, it was Pop King Micheal Jackson takes the first place in all the Top Search Engine search queries, followed by Swine flu, Twitter, Facebook. Here are the Top Web Searches for the Year 2009, and also Top Searches in India for the Year 2009.

The Top Search Industry Giants like Yahoo, Bing, AOL have revealed their Top Searches of 2010, but Google is yet to reveal. In this article, we shall check out the Top 10 Search queries of Bing Search Engine in 2010.

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According to this Year’s Top Search queries in Bing, Kim Kardashian heads the list as Most Searched Term in the World in the year 2010, followed by Sandra Bullock, Tiger Woods, Lady Gaga and Barack Obama were the Top 5 Search Queries for this year. Hairstyles made the way to the 6th place as Most Searched Queries for 2010 in Bing.

In contrast to Yahoo, Bing also revealed the Top 10 Popular People Searched in 2010 in which Kim Kardashian again heads the list as Most Searched Popular People for 2010. Followed by Sandra Bullock, Tiger Woods, Lady Gaga, Barack Obama were the Top 5 Popular People Searched in the Bing Search Engine for this year.

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Hottest Search Queries in 2010 for Bing

#1. Kim Kardashian

  • Kim Kardashian is a Television personality, Producer, Actress, Model and she has taken the Paris Hilton’s place as celebutante.

#2. Sandra Bullock

  • Sandra Bullock is an American actress who got fame after roles in successful films like Speed and While You Were Sleeping.
  • Bullock was awarded the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.

#3. Tiger Woods

  • Tiger Woods is an American professional golfer whose achievements to date rank him among the most successful golfers of all time. Formerly the World No. 1.
  • He is the highest-paid professional athlete in the world, having earned an estimated $90.5 million from winnings and endorsements in 2010.
  • After his past marital infidelities came to light, Woods announced an indefinite break from competitive golf at the end of 2009. In March 2010, he announced that he would be playing in the 2010 Masters.

#4. Lady Gaga

  • Lady Gaga is an American Pop singer, who can be the mirror of prime example how Social Networking fuels a pop star’s popularity.

#5. Barack Obama

  • Barack Obama the 44th US President and first Africo-American to Hold the White House.
  • Gradually Obama is loosing his grip on the US Govt as he lost his prominence among the people which was a best example of previous elections held at US.

#6. Hairstyles

  • The fashioning of hair can be considered an aspect of personal grooming, fashion, and cosmetics, although practical, cultural, and popular considerations also influence some hairstyles.
  • People were giving much Importance for their Hair as well, as it became the part of fashion for one and all.

#7. Kate Gosselin

  • Kate Gosselin is an American Television personality. Gosselin achieved national recognition on the reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8.

#8. Walmart

  • Walmart  is an American public corporation that runs a chain of large discount department stores and a chain of warehouse stores.  People now a days were giving high priority for shopping to get relaxed.
  • In 2010 it was the world’s largest public corporation by revenue, according to the Forbes Global 2000 for that year. Wal-Mart has 8500 stores in 15 countries, with 55 different names.

#9. Justin Bieber

  • Justin Bieber is a Canadian pop singer.
  • The one of the most searched web-spun hero becoming a Superstar this year without movie role or support of a Disney.

#10. Free

  • Free is the Search Query that have occupied the 10th place in Bing based on Highest Searches for this word by the people around the world.
  • Many thing were available for free these days in order pertain the competition, so organizations were working on these Free Giveaways and making people addicted to their products.

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