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Top 10 Searches of AOL in 2010

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In our Previous article, we have discussed about Top 10 Searches of Yahoo in 2010, Top 10 Searches of Bing in 2010 in this we focus on Top 10 Searches of AOL in 2010.

As the end of the year creeping, the Web Giants Like Google(yet to reveal), Bing, Yahoo, AOL started releasing the interesting data. According to Various estimations by various Web Giants, these were Top searches in web search engines for the year 2010. In the year 2009, it was Pop King Micheal Jackson takes the first place in all the Top SearchEngine search queries, followed by Swine flu, Twitter, Facebook. Here are the Top Web Searches for the Year 2009, and also Top Searches in India for the Year 2009.

The Top Search Industry Giants like Yahoo, Bing, AOL have revealed their Top Searches of 2010, but Google is yet to reveal. In this article, we shall check out the Top 10 Search queries of AOL Search Engine in 2010.

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According to this Year’s Top Search queries in AOL, as they didn’t revealed the Searches as that of Yahoo and Bing but they have revealed that Tiger woods heads the Most Searched celebrity during 2010 in AOL Search Engine, Apple’s iPas heads the list as the Top shopping query in 2010, New York city faced the trouble with bedbergs caused that query as the Top Searched Query with reference to Health in 2010, The BP Oil Spill was the most popular query which crossed the unemployment and earthquake in Haiti as it stood as Top Search in News Category for 2010 in AOL Search Engine.

Unlike Yahoo and Bing who revealed the results based on number of Search in the year 2010, but AOL has revealed the results based on Categories like Health, News, Top Shopping, Celebrities, Trends.

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Most Popular Celebrity Searches in 2010 on AOL


  1. Tiger Woods
  2. Justin Bieber
  3. Lady Gaga
  4. Sandra Bullock
  5. Kate Gosselin
  6. Robert Pattinson
  7. Kim Kardashian
  8. Heidi Montag
  9. Lindsay Lohan
  10. Bret Michaels

Most Popular News Searches in 2010 on AOL

BP Oil Spill

  1. BP Oil Spill
  2. Unemployment
  3. Haiti Earthquake
  4. Toyota Recall
  5. Tea Party
  6. Kyron Horman
  7. Chilean Miners
  8. Anna Chapman
  9. Chelsea Clinton Wedding
  10. WikiLeaks

Most Popular Health Searches in 2010 on AOL


  1. Bedbugs
  2. Salmonella
  3. BPA
  4. Celiac Disease
  5. Shingles
  6. 3 Day Diet
  7. Diabetes
  8. Lupus
  9. Stem Cell Research
  10. Breast Cancer

Most Popular Shopping Searches in 2010 on AOL


  1. iPad
  2. iPhone
  3. Brazilian Blowout
  4. BlackBerry Torch
  5. Kindle
  6. Droid X
  7. Girl Scout Cookies
  8. Rosetta Stone
  9. Snow Blowers
  10. Body Bugg

Most Popular Movie Searches in 2010 on AOL


  1. Alice in Wonderland
  2. Toy Story 3
  3. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
  4. Shutter Island
  5. Iron Man 2
  6. Inception
  7. How to Train Your Dragon
  8. Clash of the Titans
  9. The Last Airbender
  10. Sex and the City 2

Most Popular Trend Searches in 2010 on AOL


  1. Betty White
  2. Chatroulette
  3. Pants On the Ground
  4. Vuvuzelas
  5. Silly Bandz
  6. Paul the Octopus
  7. Old Spice Guy
  8. Jeggings
  9. Foursquare
  10. Bed Intruder

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  1. Its quite stunning to see these figures that is being posted by you. I am not shocked to hear that the most popular searches is of iPhone and iPad but it is showing up statistics that people are just looking in to it instead of looking for something else like it. Thanks for sharing it….

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