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Top 10 Green Gadgets to Buy to Stay Green in 2011

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Is there anything cooler than being in the middle of this technology revolution? Sure. Being in the middle of the green revolution at the same time!

I always experience a feeling of „I’m fulfilled” whenever I think of how lucky I am to be a “green geek” (because of my passion for gadgets and my love for ecology). It gives me the great honor and pleasure of presenting you with the best green gadgets out there. Some of them are expensive, some of them are less so. But what’s important is that we know about them and we feel the thrill whenever some corporate giant announces a new one. Here’s my top 10 green gadgets that will considerably improve your carbon footprint.

#1.  The Dell Studio Hybrid


“The Dell Studio Hybrid is our Greenest Desktop” This is the headline you’ll find on dell’s websitethe moment you search for this model and it has every right to be called an energy-efficient gadget.According to the company, it uses an energy efficient Intel Core Duo Processor, contains with75% less written documentation than other desktops and comes, of course, packed in recyclablematerials.

The prices for such a desktop vary between $500 and $1,000.

#2. The Bedol Water-Powered Clock


This amazing clock works on nothing but… water! The salty water (you can add lemon juice ifnecessary) corrodes the clock’s electrodes, generating electricity. It actually comes in a wide varietyof shapes and sizes, so don’t expect it to look geeky. Prices range between $20 and $40, a small priceto pay if you’re short on cash but still want something to keep the green flame burning inside you.

#3. Philips Eco TV


If you ever wondered whether eco-friendly LCDs exist (we all know how much power they consumecompared to regular TVs), look no further than the Philips Eco TV. Its main eco-feature is the abilityto dim the lights whenever it detects the environmental light has dimmed. This way it uses lesspower in darker rooms than regular LCDs.

#4. ts02+mic earphones from ThinkSound

ts02+mic earphones from ThinkSound

If you’re a music addict, you’ll love these environmentally friendly earphones. Not only you’ll bea greenie but few people know that wood is a very good sound resonator. This is why the soundquality is very good. The best part is, compatible with iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and many other devices.

#5. Nokia 3110 Evolve

Nokia 3110 Evolve

Nokia 3110 Evolve… that’s what you get if you mix technology with ecology. If you’re a long-timeNokia fan, you’ll probably jump on this one. Not only is it made of biodegradable materials (packageincluded) but the battery life is great: 4 hours in talking mode and 370 hours in stand-by.
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Anotherpoint to make about this cell phone is that it consumes considerably less energy when it’s plugged inbut not charging.

By the way, if you’re a Nokia fan you’ll be happy to find out that Nokia is considered by Greenpeacethe Top Green Gadget Company of 2010.

#6. The Voltaic Solar Backpack

The Voltaic Solar Backpack

Do you love the mountains? Would you like an off grid charger that attaches itself to any backpack?Look no further than the Voltaic Solar Backpack. This special backpack has solar panels attached tothe back. These little cells charge up while you walk, giving you the possibility to recharge your cellphone or iPod when you’re at the top of the mountain.

#7. The Shakenergy Mint Battery by MintPass

The Shakenergy Mint Battery by MintPass

This innovative battery recharges itself by… shaking. When you look at tit it looks like any regularAAA battery. But you know how, whenever you need batteries most, they’re dead! MintPass foundthe solution: to transform mechanical energy into electricity.

#8. Solio Classic Hybrid Solar Charge

Solio Classic Hybrid Solar Charge

You’re probably familiar with the Solio solar charger. Its design is very impressive and, of course,it can reduce your electric bill. At $100, it’s compatible with over 3,200 devices, according to theproducer. Solio has been a huge hit so the company is putting all their efforts in improving it.

If you didn’t know, it comes with a USB cable, so you can charge it from your laptop or desktop.

#9. The Battery BOS from RollerGlen

The Battery BOS from RollerGlen

Love to ride a bike? Then why not hit two birds with one stone? The Battery BOS can be attachedto your bicycle and recharges when you pedal. After that you can use it to charge your cell hpone.Sounds simple, right?



Trying to bee romantic and a greenie at the same time? Now you can, with this eco-friendly lamp.The interesting part is that the Solarbulb needs to be screwed to any bottle that has a 28mm neck. Ifit’s charged, you’ll see light emerging from your bottle.

There you have it. 10 great gadgets that are cost-effective and will make you a greenie in 2011. I’msure that, a year from now, I’ll bring you 10 more gadgets that neither you nor I can possibly thinkabout today.

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15 Comments to Top 10 Green Gadgets to Buy to Stay Green in 2011

  1. All of the gadgets that will appear in 2011 are quite impressive. But the most impressive ones to me were “The Bedol Water-Powered Clock” as its amazing to see that electricity is being generated through water and i think many of the automotive companies are really working on it and the other one is “The Shakenergy Mint Battery by MintPass” which is amazing especially when you are away from home or in any place where you are not able to get a replacement of these batteries. Thanks for the post….

  2. Wow i bet those shake charging batteries would be useful in something like a mouse or wiimote since it already moves alot naturally.

  3. Is there a solar charger for the iPhone? I travel a lot. And sometimes I end up in the middle of nowhere without any electricity. A solar charger would be really great.

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