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Top 10 Free and Best Torrent Sites of 2011

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top 10 free best torrent sites 2011
In this post, we are going to deal with Top 10 Free and Best Torrent Sites of the year. These 10 are the best torrent sites on which you can rely on without much trouble, and this reflects the fact that all these 10 sites are trusted and most reliable torrent sites you must use or bookmark them, if you are a frequent torrent downloader. The Torrents are best place to download stuff and these torrents are being misused sometimes by few people leading to many issues like virus attacks, malware, etc., which is the main reason for using the trusted torrents that which scans all their files. These torrents are based on peer-peer working style. Currently there are millions of torrent sites available, but still we’ve picked 10 best torrent sites which are providing the trusted and scanned files.

What’s really hot in the magnificent world of Bit Torrent in the new 2011 year? Which sites have been successful in obtaining a place among top 10 free  and best Torrent Sites of 2011? To help you find an answer to these questions, we have a compiled a list of top 10 best free Torrent Sites, which have been considered as the most visited Torrent sites of the year 2011.

Top 10 Free and Best Torrent Sites

  1. The Private Bay
  2. ISO Hunt
  3. Torrentz
  4. Kickass Torrents
  5. Demonoid Me
  6. BTjunkie
  7. TorrentDownloads.net
  8. EXtraTorrent.com
  9. LimeTorrents.com
  10. TorrentReactor

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best torrent sites

10  Best Torrent Sites in 2011

#1. The Private Bay 

It is perhaps the most renowned Bit Torrent site on the internet ever, which has been in existence since 2003. With its increasing popularity, the private Bay is regarded to be the most visited Torrent brand among many free and best Torrent Sites even in 2011. <The Pirate Bay>

#2. IsoHunt 

It terms of overall traffic, the IsoHunt has been able to grab the 2nd place in the list, and it is also the 1st search engine, which had implemented a keyword filter during last year. <IsoHunt>

#3. Torrentz 

This is yet another famous brand that is leading the meta-search of Torrent sites from many years. A few weeks before, Torrentz has switched to .EU domain from its parent .COM domain. It is one of the best torrent sites in the world<Torrentz>

#4. Kickass Torrents

It is one of the fastest growing Torrent novices of 2010, which has been able to manage its upward trend of traffic throughout 2010, and trends seem to be getting better for 2011 too. This new best torrent sites has come out with many new innovative features, and surprisingly it doesn’t have a single ad banner on the site. <Kickass Torrets>

 #5. Demonoid Me

This is another free torrent site, which has managed to get increasing traffic in the previous year with negligibly short period of downtime. <Demonoid Me>

#6. BTjunkie

In the Bit Torrent niche, it’s really not easy to have smooth year, and the BTjunkie is one among the best torrent sites, which has been successful in controlling a decent traffic all through 2010, and it’s performing pretty well in 2011 too.  <BTJunkie>

#7. TorrentDownloads.net 

TorrentDownloads.net is one of the no non-sense torrent brands that has the all the qualities to drag decent number of users each month. <TorrentDownloads>

#8. EXtraTorrent.Com 

This is similar to TorrentDownloads.net site, which has managed to obtain to 2 spots in this year as compared to last year’s index. <ExtraTorrent.com>

#9. LimeTorrents.Com 

This is a new torrent site, which had been launched in 2010, and it is one of the best newcomers in terms of traffic that it obtained every month during last quarter of 2011. <LimeTorrents>

#10. TorrentReactor 

It has deceived most of the tech press during last year, when it declared that it had obtained a Russian town. And, as a result it has lost some traffic due to a Google chastisement, reason why it has dropped to the last place in the top 10 best free Torrent Sites list for 2011! <Torrent Reactor>

So, go ahead and download your favorite apps, games, videos, and free goodies from these best torrent sites today.

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  1. At first sight, I thought #1 “Private Bay” may be really something new which I didn’t knew but it turned out be the same. Thanks for the share anyways 🙂

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