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Top 10 Browsers to Speed-Up your Internet Browsing Experience

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In this article we are going to deal with Top 10 Browsers that were playing crucial role in enhancing our browsing experience by providing flexibility. But, choosing the Top Browsers among 100’s of existing browsers needs a lot of experimenting. Few considerations like speed, efficiency, interface, java and other script compatibility, add-ons, etc., will differentiate the Best Browsers from normal Browser.

Currently there are large deal of browsers existing and its our prime duty to choose the Top Browsers that should satisfy our requirements. Yes, browser selection must be done considering our requirements like Small Business requirement, Home and Basic requirement, Web Development requirements, and many more. But, how about having a single browser which can satisfy all these requirements?

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So, in order to solve this issue we have listed Top 10 Web Browsers that enhances your Browsing Experience.

Top 10 Browsers to Explore the Web

#1. Mozilla Firefox – Best Browser in the World

Mozilla Firefox is one of the Top 10 Browsers that you can use which is loaded with exciting features like Add-ons, Ignito, plugin compatibility, tabbed browsing, live bookmarks and also its suggested browser for all sorts of Wed Development works. I personally use Mozilla Firefox for analyzing Web Pages. Latest version of Mozilla Firefox is 4.0.1 and its available for download.

#2. Google Chrome – Excellent Interfaced Browser

Google Chrome is one such a browser that which attracts people with its interface and the statistics made it one of the most eligible browser in the list of Top 10 Browsers. Some of the tremendous features like Task Manager, Synchronizing, Tabbed Browsing, Ignito Mode Browsing, and its the best suited browser for browsing which makes its place safe on Top Browsers in the world. Latest version of Google Chrome is 12 and its available for download.

#3. Internet Explorer – The Microsoft’s Brand!

Internet Explorer is the standard browser from Microsoft and its one of the Oldest Browser in the world with whole lots of experience as it is not at all surprising aspect to select it in the list of Top 10 browsers, since most of the websites take care that they are IE compatible. Internet Explorer rocked the Browser World before the launch of IE 7. But, after that IE started loosing its prominence and it lost over 60% of its market because of Firefox and Chrome. Most of the sites which were designed before 2004 were designed based on the IE standards. IE’s experience and its clean appearance helps its to make in the List of Top 10 Browsers in the World. Latest version of Internet Explorer is 9 and its available for download.

#4. Opera – The Fastest Browser

Opera is yet another top browser that made in the list because of its Fast Browsing Experience. Opera Claimed itself as fastest browser, which crossed Google Chrome’s record and proved its performance which helped it to make into our Top 10 Browsers list. Another feature of Opera is its the most Secured browser, fastest Java-Script Engine, HTML 5 support helps it to make into the list of Top Browsers in the Web World. Latest version of Opera is 11 and its available for download.

#5. Safari – Apple Inc. Developed Browser

Safari is yet another browser from Big shot Apple. It is one of the most used browser in European countries and its loaded with great features like private browsing, bookmark intgration with Address book, PDF viewer, Tabbed browsing etc., makes it into list of Top Browsers for enhancing browsing experience. Latest version of Safari is 5 and its available for download.

The 5 more Top Browsers in the Current Market are

  1. Maxthon – Never Crashing Browser
  2. Avant – The Lightest Browser
  3. Deepnet Explorer – The Browser with P2P connectivity
  4. Flock – The Social Networking Web Browser
  5. Include your Favorite Browser

Thus these are the Top 10 Browsers in the current market which are having their own benefits and fulfilling the requirements of the individuals.

Web Browsers Market Share - April 2011

Top Browsers Market Share till April 2011

The above analytics shows us the Market Share of the Browsers Till April 2011 with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer heading the list of Most used browsers in the world, followed by Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Hope, you’ve liked our articles on Top Browsers to Enhance your Web World Experience and also post your views in the comment section below, by naming your choice in blank option which we left for visitor choice in our list of top 10 browsers.

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10 Comments to Top 10 Browsers to Speed-Up your Internet Browsing Experience

  1. Awesome list ! I have also listed my top web browser list! But my list would be like this.
    1. Firefox
    2. Chrome
    3. Safari
    4. Internet Explorer
    5. Opera

  2. i would highly disagree with this list, chrome wouldn’t even be included in my top 10, google likes to apply tracking cookies so they can make money off of you as well as it crashing every 5 minutes, firefox crashes often as well and doesn’t support plug-ins very well.

    my list:
    1. maxthon
    2. opera
    3. firefox5
    4. lunascape6
    5. ie9

    maxthon is great, but sadly when you go to a different tab it likes to close itself :s

    opera is awesome, but doesn’t load pages very well

    firefox is good, but plug-ins crash all the time

    lunascape is pretty good, using it right now, uses 3 engines and you get to choose, but could use some work on graphics and features

    ie9 not bad, but not good either

  3. Bad points
    Firefox:Crash often
    Google chrome:Big spaces , Crash sometimes (not often)
    Opera:Crash often
    Safari:Alot crap at the starting page
    Internet explorer:No bad points
    (my opinion)

  4. techboysuk

    lol at there being an ad for chrome below the article

    1 opera
    2 rockmelt
    3 ie9
    4 chrome
    5 safari for windows
    all 0f the browsers i have used, as well as firefox years ago (i cant remember the experience)

  5. I personally use chrome often…I`m using windows 7, and the must comfortable browser for me is:
    1- chrome
    2- FireFox
    3- IE9
    4- Safari

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